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Monday, March 14, 2011

Alexandra Wallace: UCLA's Dumb Racist Blonde (Oxymoron)

A friend of mine just sent me a link that points to this video. This is something that was posted some time over the weekend. What is it? Well, it's some annoying, blonde bimbo ranting about how annoyed she is by the Asians she goes to school with. She's apparently a student at UCLA (lowering their standards, are they?), and she's bitching about the "hordes of Asians" at the school, and all of the things that they and their families do that get on her nerves:

Is she a racist? Well, of course she is! Nothing wrong with that, right? Especially a racist that decides to put herself out in the world to be judged as such. Who knows what goes on in the mind of people like this. Well, I guess narcissism, for one thing. And I'm sure she feels that there are many people out their that share her point of view. And you know what? There are! White folks with racist views are nothing new. Hell, that's a large part of their legacy in America. I kind of feel bad for how stupid this vapid bird is. I'm sure she is going to have a VERY DIFFICULT TIME at school this week!

Next thing you know, all those Asians are gonna get all pissed, and start doing their kung-fu and shit...hell, some of them might even start making videos....

Fight! Fight! A Yellow and a White!

Gotta love that good ol' fashioned American racism.

When will these white folks learn?

Link to story.

UPDATE: Wow. You gotta love that lightening-fast internet...and the mountains of time people have on their hands. The same friend that sent me this video in the first place (who also happens to be Asian), has JUST sent me the new shit:

I feel really torn and conflicted with this. One the one hand, I LOVE all the traffic that this story has bought to my blog (hopefully, you folks are reading more of my posts-- it's pretty good stuff...!). On the OTHER HAND...I feel kind of dirty giving a platform to this disgusting troll of a girl. She is repulsive-looking, obnoxious, empty-headed, piggish, slimy...just EWWW! The song is kinda funny, though. And I am all for making shitty little racists look stupid. So, I guess this is kind of a win-lose-win kinda thing.

Chingchong-linglong-tingtong to you all....

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