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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Third and Final Teaser for Documentary "Things and Stuff"

With less than 10 days left in our fund raising drive, I have completed a new teaser trailer for my documentary film "Things and Stuff". This new teaser gives a little bit of history into the town of Nyack, from it's humble beginnings as a Native American fishing village to it's present day stature as one of the premiere antiquing locations in the country.

The name of this teaser is called "The Naples of America", as it was named in the late 1800.

The investment window is still open, so please take the time to visit the Kickstarter page, and give what you can to help make this film a reality. I'll be making one more push for the film in its final week, which may include a few more treats to help sweeten the deal for those of you who wish to invest, but may have been holding out. Don't hold out-- join in!

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