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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dear Halle Berry, PLEASE Shut the F**k Up!

Some of you may have been following the stories of the latest in Halle Berry's failed relationships. This time, it's with the father of her two year-old child, a Canadian model named Gabriel Aubrey.  Allegedly, this guy is a racist....allegedly. I mean really-- how much of a racist could he be to date Halle Berry?  That probably doesn't say much, considering that many white slave owners impregnated black women over the centuries. When it comes down to it, men can't fight their boners. Whether you're a closeted homosexual or "secret" racist...if your d*ck is hard, you'll forget all about your prejudices.  
So now Halle is freaking out. She quit working on one of her movies to go on this media rampage to talk about what a racist bastard this guy is. Now, she's bringing their daughter into the mix. Allegedly, Aubrey gets upset whenever anyone calls her daughter "black", which (if it's true) is kinda silly because his daughter is black! She's half-black, or bi-racial, or whatever you wanna call it (labels are SO silly).  Tiger Woods is half Korean...people call him "black". President Obama's mother was white...people call him "black". What's wrong with being called "black"? That's a stupid question-- this is America after all. There has ALWAYS been a "problem" with being black. It's a sad truth in this country. And the truth hurts.

Berry has even said that Aubrey called her a "nigger". He very well may have. My daughter's mother called me a "nigger" when she was 7 months pregnant (we were broken up after a 3 year relationship at the time-- much to her dismay). Of course, she would deny it-- as I'm sure Aubrey would, too. However, I wouldn't call my daughter's mother a "racist". An emotionally crippled wreck? An asshole? Yes. A racist? No. What Halle needs to understand is that when you get yourself involved with emotionally retarded people (as she is also accused of being), they will do and say things because they want to get under your skin. "Crazy" has a way of making people do and say things.

And now that Halle has decided to drag up some bullshit racial "law" conceived by white (and black) racists society centuries ago, now she is reaching the point where I can't tell who's more full of shit. Now, she is claiming that-- in contention with Aubrey's claims-- that her daughter is in fact "black" due to something called the "one drop rule". Basically, if one of your parents is black, that means you're black. I'm sorry, but dragging up some stupid crap like this is just so fucking dumb.  WHY would you have to go there? Why would you have to make things worse? Pouring gasoline on a towering inferno serves NO ONE-- particularly your daughter!

In addition to this "one drop" garbage, she also said sometime about him contributing his genetic material, and only being good for that. Apparently, what she meant is that she got his "white" genetic material (not the semen color, but the color of the guy). Jeeeeez Louise, this woman just needs to shut the fuck up!

My point is...why would you entertain this person's bullshit? Even if he is a racist-- and even if you were too oblivious to see that before you let him in between your legs-- just LEAVE IT ALONE! You've left the guy-- fair enough. Dragging this bullshit out, especially with outdated, ignorant racial myths is freaking crazy. I would never drag my little girl into this kind of a discussion. Granted, we live in a society where she will eventually have to face this bullshit. But not now-- let that kid have a life, and know a life where this kind of shit is irrelevant.

I've been told that it's damn near impossible to beat crazy. I disagree. I believe that crazy = sloppy. At this point, as I've said before, it's hard to tell who in this equation is crazy. Maybe both of them are. Right now, however, the more Halle keeps running her mouth, the crazier she seems. In which case, not only is she doing a disservice to herself, but she is also messing around with her little daughter's life.

It's unfortunate when you have a child with someone from a broken relationship. It's difficult, it's painful, it's draining-- ESPECIALLY when you are dealing with someone who is unhinged. It's frustrating when that person who is so obviously emotionally disturbed goes out of their way to hide it from others. It can drive you insane! The ONLY thing you can do in that situation is...LET them be crazy, and learn how to walk away. Eventually, they will slip. In time, the truth will come out. The more your try to scream over a crazy person...the worse you look.

So yourself, and your daughter, a favor...PLEASE shut the fuck up!

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