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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Clip from Kevin Smith's "Red State"

I've gotta tell ya-- I am very much looking forward to seeing "Red State". I've been a fan of Smiths' for a long time-- I've damn near seen every one of his films (including the original Clerks) in the theater, and I am an avid listener of the podcasts over at the SModcast Podcast Network. So the prospect of not only seeing a new Kevin Smith film, but seeing one that is a damn near complete 180 from his typical work, is very exciting to me. Seeing an artist grow and evolve is a wonderful thing.

If you haven't seen the "Red State" teaser, it is REQUIRED VIEWING. It's haunting, and well-shot-- it looks like a foreign film more than "Chasing Amy" or "Dogma". Some people have been shitting on Smith recently due to his decision to distribute the film himself, much in the way William Castle did back in the day (TRIVIA ALERT: John Landis had originally wanted to show The Blues Brothers in the same way). Such criticism is puzzling and idiotic. So much is changing in the way that we receive our entertainment, so much so that conventional approach put distribution far out of the hands of the indie 'makers out there. If this works (and it will), filmmakers will be able to not only tell their stories cheaply, but they will be able to profit from the films they make, without having to hand it over to studios for them to mismanage with bad marketing through a cookie-cutter model that doesn't always yield positive results. Great movies will always find an audience, and are often times greater than the stupid 3-day opening box office-driven culture that we've been dealing with over the last 30 years.

So now, Smith is doing the media thing to promote the "Red State" tour, and he has shared with the MTV audience a clip from  his film. And it looks GREAT:

I'm not sure if I will be able to make it to the Radio City screening, as the ticket price is a bit much for someone expecting a second mouth to feed any time now (Mommy and Daddy need diaper money!), but you can bet that I will definitely be there for the October 2011 opening.


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