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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Clip from Kevin Smith's "Red State"

I've gotta tell ya-- I am very much looking forward to seeing "Red State". I've been a fan of Smiths' for a long time-- I've damn near seen every one of his films (including the original Clerks) in the theater, and I am an avid listener of the podcasts over at the SModcast Podcast Network. So the prospect of not only seeing a new Kevin Smith film, but seeing one that is a damn near complete 180 from his typical work, is very exciting to me. Seeing an artist grow and evolve is a wonderful thing.

If you haven't seen the "Red State" teaser, it is REQUIRED VIEWING. It's haunting, and well-shot-- it looks like a foreign film more than "Chasing Amy" or "Dogma". Some people have been shitting on Smith recently due to his decision to distribute the film himself, much in the way William Castle did back in the day (TRIVIA ALERT: John Landis had originally wanted to show The Blues Brothers in the same way). Such criticism is puzzling and idiotic. So much is changing in the way that we receive our entertainment, so much so that conventional approach put distribution far out of the hands of the indie 'makers out there. If this works (and it will), filmmakers will be able to not only tell their stories cheaply, but they will be able to profit from the films they make, without having to hand it over to studios for them to mismanage with bad marketing through a cookie-cutter model that doesn't always yield positive results. Great movies will always find an audience, and are often times greater than the stupid 3-day opening box office-driven culture that we've been dealing with over the last 30 years.

So now, Smith is doing the media thing to promote the "Red State" tour, and he has shared with the MTV audience a clip from  his film. And it looks GREAT:

I'm not sure if I will be able to make it to the Radio City screening, as the ticket price is a bit much for someone expecting a second mouth to feed any time now (Mommy and Daddy need diaper money!), but you can bet that I will definitely be there for the October 2011 opening.


Third and Final Teaser for Documentary "Things and Stuff"

With less than 10 days left in our fund raising drive, I have completed a new teaser trailer for my documentary film "Things and Stuff". This new teaser gives a little bit of history into the town of Nyack, from it's humble beginnings as a Native American fishing village to it's present day stature as one of the premiere antiquing locations in the country.

The name of this teaser is called "The Naples of America", as it was named in the late 1800.

The investment window is still open, so please take the time to visit the Kickstarter page, and give what you can to help make this film a reality. I'll be making one more push for the film in its final week, which may include a few more treats to help sweeten the deal for those of you who wish to invest, but may have been holding out. Don't hold out-- join in!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dear Halle Berry, PLEASE Shut the F**k Up!

Some of you may have been following the stories of the latest in Halle Berry's failed relationships. This time, it's with the father of her two year-old child, a Canadian model named Gabriel Aubrey.  Allegedly, this guy is a racist....allegedly. I mean really-- how much of a racist could he be to date Halle Berry?  That probably doesn't say much, considering that many white slave owners impregnated black women over the centuries. When it comes down to it, men can't fight their boners. Whether you're a closeted homosexual or "secret" racist...if your d*ck is hard, you'll forget all about your prejudices.  
So now Halle is freaking out. She quit working on one of her movies to go on this media rampage to talk about what a racist bastard this guy is. Now, she's bringing their daughter into the mix. Allegedly, Aubrey gets upset whenever anyone calls her daughter "black", which (if it's true) is kinda silly because his daughter is black! She's half-black, or bi-racial, or whatever you wanna call it (labels are SO silly).  Tiger Woods is half Korean...people call him "black". President Obama's mother was white...people call him "black". What's wrong with being called "black"? That's a stupid question-- this is America after all. There has ALWAYS been a "problem" with being black. It's a sad truth in this country. And the truth hurts.

Berry has even said that Aubrey called her a "nigger". He very well may have. My daughter's mother called me a "nigger" when she was 7 months pregnant (we were broken up after a 3 year relationship at the time-- much to her dismay). Of course, she would deny it-- as I'm sure Aubrey would, too. However, I wouldn't call my daughter's mother a "racist". An emotionally crippled wreck? An asshole? Yes. A racist? No. What Halle needs to understand is that when you get yourself involved with emotionally retarded people (as she is also accused of being), they will do and say things because they want to get under your skin. "Crazy" has a way of making people do and say things.

And now that Halle has decided to drag up some bullshit racial "law" conceived by white (and black) racists society centuries ago, now she is reaching the point where I can't tell who's more full of shit. Now, she is claiming that-- in contention with Aubrey's claims-- that her daughter is in fact "black" due to something called the "one drop rule". Basically, if one of your parents is black, that means you're black. I'm sorry, but dragging up some stupid crap like this is just so fucking dumb.  WHY would you have to go there? Why would you have to make things worse? Pouring gasoline on a towering inferno serves NO ONE-- particularly your daughter!

In addition to this "one drop" garbage, she also said sometime about him contributing his genetic material, and only being good for that. Apparently, what she meant is that she got his "white" genetic material (not the semen color, but the color of the guy). Jeeeeez Louise, this woman just needs to shut the fuck up!

My point is...why would you entertain this person's bullshit? Even if he is a racist-- and even if you were too oblivious to see that before you let him in between your legs-- just LEAVE IT ALONE! You've left the guy-- fair enough. Dragging this bullshit out, especially with outdated, ignorant racial myths is freaking crazy. I would never drag my little girl into this kind of a discussion. Granted, we live in a society where she will eventually have to face this bullshit. But not now-- let that kid have a life, and know a life where this kind of shit is irrelevant.

I've been told that it's damn near impossible to beat crazy. I disagree. I believe that crazy = sloppy. At this point, as I've said before, it's hard to tell who in this equation is crazy. Maybe both of them are. Right now, however, the more Halle keeps running her mouth, the crazier she seems. In which case, not only is she doing a disservice to herself, but she is also messing around with her little daughter's life.

It's unfortunate when you have a child with someone from a broken relationship. It's difficult, it's painful, it's draining-- ESPECIALLY when you are dealing with someone who is unhinged. It's frustrating when that person who is so obviously emotionally disturbed goes out of their way to hide it from others. It can drive you insane! The ONLY thing you can do in that situation is...LET them be crazy, and learn how to walk away. Eventually, they will slip. In time, the truth will come out. The more your try to scream over a crazy person...the worse you look.

So yourself, and your daughter, a favor...PLEASE shut the fuck up!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Gang Fight Gone Out of Control

I hate to see people wrapped up in gang violence, but this video takes it to a "'hole-nuva level".

Friends don't let friends throw down The Force.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

From One Revolution to Another...

'Nuff said.
As seen on what's the rumpus.

Food Fights

...and now for something completely different...

I hate people. They are pains in the ass-- all of them.  It's the main reason why I don't go to movies in the theater. It's the main reason why I don't like going to bars. It's the main reason why I don't like going out in general. People are selfish, self-centered, obnoxious, ignorant, idiotic, stupid....FUCKING dumb.

Another thing I hate...well, "kinda" fast food. It's unhealthy. It's fake. It makes you feel bad and makes your brain shut down.

When you combine these two things...well, guess what you get?


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

"Hot Saucing": Or, Asshole Parents Can't Communicate With Their Kids

I saw this on the Joy Behar Show last night. She talked about this twat living in Alaska that was on Dr. Phil's show, spotlighting the forms of punishment she would subject her adopted child through when he was misbehaving. One thing she would do is force him to take a cold shower. The other thing she would do is force him to DRINK hot sauce.

I have to pause a bit here and there while I write this, because the anger and disgust seething inside of me is rushing through my brain and my fingers are having a hard time keeping up with it. There will be some swearing here, so be warned....

What. The. Fuck. What kind of mindless, shit-headed fuck would do this to a child?! How can you look in that little face and TORTURE-- yes, torture-- a small child because what? They misbehaved, right? What could they have POSSIBLY DONE that would condone this kind of treatment?

This is a child. You are an adult. That child sitting in front of you has LITTLE OR NO EXPERIENCE in the world!!!! It is your responsibility as the adult to help guide that child to making the right decisions. Are they going to mess up, either by accident or on purpose? Of course they are-- they're children, it's what they're going to do. Kids are going to fuck up-- it happens. So what kind of emotional retard would you have to be to HARM them physically and psychologically?! Tell me-- what the FUCK could a child POSSIBLY DO to deserve this treatment?! What, were they screaming while you were on the phone? Did they talk back? Did they dump their food on the table or floor? Did they neglect or refuse or forget to pick up their toys? Or was it something a lot worse-- like taking your car for a joy ride? Did they threaten you with a knife or gun? Did they shit or piss on your clothes? WHAT DID THEY DO?!

I have a 5 year-old girl, and a newborn boy coming. Now, my daughter is extremely polite and well-behaved-- she's smart, charming, beautiful-- a lovely LOVELY young girl. And yes, she's acted up. Yes, she's misbehaved. Have I ever ONCE laid a hand on her?! Nope. Have I ever punished her? Of course I have. But nothing ever more severe than taking away her Wii for a day, or making her go to her room-- and even then, that is a RARE event. You know why? Because I TALK to my child. I talk to her, among other reasons, because I am interested in knowing what makes her tick. And I want her to know that she can come to me and talk to me about ANYTHING. And you know what? Sometimes she still acts up. And I understand that she's doing these things BECAUSE SHE'S 5 YEARS OLD!!!!!!!!!!! She's a kid!!!!! A baby, with only 5 years of experience as a human being!!!! And I don't expect her to know every goddamn thing! I expect that she's probably going to "try me" a few times to know what her boundaries are. But the moment I start torturing her with hot sauce and other bullshit...that's when something clicks in a child's mind. From that first moment, and through the other times you decided to torture them....they no longer trust you. They resent you. And they will carry that resentment for the rest of their lives.

My parents used to hit me. There are times when they hit me HARD. There are no physical scars on me, but I know that I carried a tremendous amount of resentment for BOTH OF THEM for a very VERY long time (well into my adulthood). Part of me never really forgave them for it. It's only as an adult that I came to understand that they had issues, and frustrations of life, and they had no other way emotionally of dealing with certain things. They are only human, after all. After my dad died a couple of years ago (2009), I've come to understand him more and more. There are some things that I will never know about my dad now that he's gone-- he was a war vet that went through a very traumatic time. He told me before he died that he and his comrades-in-arms were "baby-killers" (his words). I found out after he died that he got shot. I also found out that after he came home from the war, they brought him back for 3 months for some kind of top secret mission. He refused to discuss these things, even with my mother. I can only imagine how those things fucked him up in the head a bit.

Don't get me wrong-- my parents weren't cruel people AT ALL. They were both loving and caring, and gave me and my brother any and everything we ever wanted. But the hitting effected me, and my brother. Now that I am a parent, I couldn't even IMAGINE hitting my children. EVER. It's just not in me to remotely even entertain that option. As far as this "hot saucing" bullshit is concerned, that to me is even worse. It's the same kind of shit that they do to detainees at Guantanamo Bay-- and has the same effects!!!! After the punishment, you're left with your thoughts...and you stew in them. You can't believe that these people would do something like this to you. And for that hate them. That's what these kids are going through-- that's what they're feeling. They HATE you for what you've done. And the more you do, the less likely they will be to ever forgiving you for doing it.

So to all you mindless c*nts out there that like to do this to your kids...first of all, fuck you. Second of all, don't be surprised when your kids turn on you; especially when then get older. And they WILL turn on you, in one way, shape or form. And eventually, they're gonna be too old to hit, or torture. THEN what will you do?

Go to hell.