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Monday, January 10, 2011

Orson Welles on Moonlighting

I was just reading a post at /Film about films that famous dead directors never got to make. Good stuff, featuring Fernando Reza movie poster designs. They also show a clip from an interview show that reveals footage from Orson Welles' unfinished adaptation of Don Quixote. One of the things that I always think of when I hear Orson Welles' name is the intro he did for the B&W episode of Moonlighting. I haven't seen that episode since it aired, which was 1986 I think. So, I turned to my dear friend "the internet", and...guess what I found?

He died shortly after he shot that intro. You gotta love a show with the Welles' endorsement. But that was a HOT show back then-- they had tons of fun cameos and special guests. And it was clever and fun-- I remember the first time I saw Ally McBeal...the influence of Moonlight is ALL OVER that show!

Now I'm gonna have to buy the box set. I'm not gonna bother with Netflix on this one-- I may need to own it. I think I'm ready to revisit.

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