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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Introducing "Enthiran", Bollywood's Most Expensive Film

I remember when the first Mission:Impossible film was released, I had doubts about whether or not I would see it, until I saw the shot of Tom Cruise jumping from an exploding helicopter and onto a speeding train, all while inside of a tunnel. That's what sold me. I figure-- shit, anyone with the balls to do something that ridiculous is worthy of my movie-going dollars. I also remember many people thinking that the stunt/effect was stupid. To me, that's what those kinds of films should be all about-- nutty action and insanity.

Then I find clip from a Bollywood film called "Enthiran", which I believe means "Robot". Believe it or not, it's a remake of Frankenstein! From what I've seen here, it looks to be an Indian version of The Terminator, mixed with The Matrix, with some visual ideas from anime as well.  Then, it starts to get crazy....!

Well, that was just outrageous! It's not even over-the-top-- there IS no top!

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