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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Gabriella Giffords' Political Shooting v. Sarah Palin Hit List

There it is, fourth down in the left-hand column. Right there, in the crosshairs. Signed and sanctioned by the asshole Sarah Palin. This political hit-list was a controversial issue when it was revealed on Palin' Facebook page back in March of 2010. People talked about how irresponsible it was for right-wing shitheads to invoke gun violence and "Second Amendment remedies" to achieve their goals. And, predictably, asshole Palin denounced these claims. The same way Bill O'Reilly did after the death of George Tiller. The same way that the dickless Glenn Beck did when he staged the poisoning of Nancy Pelosi.

What these political morons-- these Republican fools-- ALWAYS fail to realize is that the uneducated, ignorant, mindless masses that they lie and expound to during every political cycle are easily swayed and manipulate-- and even the SLIGHTEST suggestion of taking up arms to defend their so-called lost freedoms WILL RESULT in something bad happening. Case in point, aside from Tiller, is the shooting of Gabriella Giffords, among others including a federal judge and a 9 year-old girl who were killed.

Six people killed, 14 others wounded because Obama passed health care reform. Domestic terrorism imposed by the followers of right-wing ideology, political pandering, and straight-out lies. Level-headed people have been warning the American people about this reckless behavior. The pigs in the Republican party did not care. They want to win elections, and they want to destroy Barack Obama. And they will do so by any means necessary-- including passive-aggressive threats of violence.

It is clear to me that Giffords was targeted-- literally! As to whether or not this 22 year old kid acted alone, I doubt it. But it's still way too early to speculate on the shooting itself. What's more than clear at this time is that this IS a political shooting, and WAS inspired by the right-wing.

Now...what the FUCK are we going to do about this?

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