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Thursday, December 2, 2010

White Pride TV

Prepare yourselves for something funny. Did you know that white people are a minority in America? Did you know that white people are a minority in the world? Did you know that the white race needs saving? Well, why not-- you ignorant bastards?! And it's only because you DON'T know, that white racists have had to resort to creating White Power TV, which is passive-aggressively named "". One thing that's constant about white racist: they're incredible cowards.

So you may be asking, "Who the hell is this Thomas Robb person"? Well, you know-nuthin' moron, Pastor (!) Thomas Robb is the host of the webcast "This is the Klan", which is now in episode #436 (I think-- I dunno, I'm a dumbass about this silly Klan shit, like most of you). If you haven't seen it, just HAVE TO! You can hear all about how horrible Democrats and blacks and hispanics and mulsims and jews are-- all in glorious standard-definition VHS-quality video (really, guys-- go buy a HD Flip  Camera!'s a "Global Minority Report"...!

They have (wisely) disable the ability to embed their videos. So you'll just have to click here. Trust me, it's worth your time.

The bovine lady next to Robb is  Klan Spokesperson Rachel Pendergraft. Enchanting, this pair. Any show that starts with a banjo playing "Dixie", you KNOW it's gonna be good! The production values are brilliant-- notice how close they are sitting to each other-- so as to hide the fact that their backdrop is not big enough to hide the moonshine still in their basement. You will NOT find a more articulate, thoughtful, and educated pair than these two! If you don't have the energy to wade through the entire 28 minutes of this episode-- go to the 17 minute mark, where you'll hear them talk about a situation with a black man and a white barber. This segment pretty much sums up the (lack of) mind set of the white racist. This is by far one of the funniest things I've ever seen; pig-ignorance this intense is nothing to get angry about-- it's WAY too funny to know that people are this stupid.

And if you thought that show was something, wait 'till you see The Andrew Show!

I love how they had to green screen some books behind this kid (as if ANY OF THESE PEOPLE have every read books!). Look, I'm not going to bust this kid's balls-- it's not his fault that he's being forced to read some adult's stupid conspiracy theories. The Marmaduke movie is an allegory for anti-white racism in America? Really? It's just sad, really. Or just plain stupid. Videogum managed to get a link to embed this beauty:

But Andrew is not the only kid offering some words to the empty-headed, bigoted white folks of America. Catch the 18th episode of Shelby Pendergraft's (spawn of the pig Rachel, I'm sure) Youth Focus with Shelby Pendergraft, presented by The Knight's Party.

They had to green screen some books behind this genius, too. I don't know why these people pretend that they are readers (isn't that an elitist activity?) Judging by the way she struggles through her written notes, I don't believe for a second that she has spent any time reading anything written by anyone with an education preceding grade school. Anyway, this is a show dedicated to all the white youth of the world-- to let them know that they're not alone, no matter what people say. Sigh. I won't pick on a little boy, but this is a teenager, so...I'll just say that she is as painfully inarticulate as her mother. If you're watching episode 18, fast forward to 9:47, where she talks about what she saw while watching VH-1 on the treadmill; fags and race mixing.

And don't think that her mother is just tied down to Pastor Robb's show-- she has a show of her own! Check out "The White Woman's Perspective"!

Okay, well...this time I have no idea what the hell she has green screened behind her-- she's at least keeping it honest by not showing any books. You don't have to wade through this one to find the stupidity-- she comes right out swinging in this one! She holds up a copy of Cosmo featuring Julia Stiles, and talks about how she doesn't like Stiles because she's had interracial love interests in movies. She says that her values are skewed, and that she's leading good white girls to think that if you want good sex and a knight in shining armor, then they need to go black. As if this gussied-up trash is something to look up to. Talk about lipstick on a pig...

As Thomas Robb and Rachel Pendergraft have repeatedly offered, there is "far too much hypersensitivity in the non-white community". Let those same people read ANYTHING that I've written about race, and they would cry like dogs on the way to the vet.  Folks like this, and Glenn Beck, and Rush Limbaugh, and Sarah Palin...these self-righteous, small-minded white folks that can't see past the color of their own skin...these are the people that immediately lose their minds when they are forced to face their hypocrisy and ignorance. In my life, and in my experience, whites are THE MOST SENSITIVE when it comes to criticism-- not even bigotry...just flat out, basic criticism. They cannot handle it. People like this have had centuries in this country of smelling their own farts. Anyone to tell them that their farts are foul...well, then it's blasphemy. Typical.

So, ladies and germs, if you want stupid, look no further than White Pride TV. This is the kind of junk that represents the voice of the modern white racist. When you hear white politicians and teabaggers talking about the need to take our country back...THIS is the mind set. These are the people that are (barely) articulating what the most cowardly of racists and bigots would dare not say so bluntly in public. I say that everyone needs to watch the shows on this site; non-whites and normal whites. Learn what flitters around in the tiny minds of the inbred racists. Learn their ways. Listen to their flumbling words. Know thy enemy.

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