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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tron-A-Sutra: It's Nerd Sex

As you know, there are some pervs out there who will take anything at all, and add a sexual slant to it. People do it all the time-- sexualizing movies, cartoons, anything. Introducing SCORE, a users guide of sexual positions, as performed by actors in a 1982-Tron aesthetic. Why, I dunno...

And yes, these are NSFW:

#1: Missionary

#6: Riding the Face

#12: The Cowgirl

#16: Doggy Style

These are just a selection of my personal faves. The rest can be found here.

It's silly, but some dork somewhere will be turned on by this. Hold your horses-- they're working on a 2010-Tron porn called "Pron".  In the meantime, Playboy has you covered with their own version of Tron called Game On:

Check it out:

There ya go. Hey man...they did it with Avatar...


Steve Awesome said...
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Steve Awesome said...

I saw your article earlier this week so I figured if you can't beat them, join them. Tron inspired porn in this Live Guy, Live Girl, Artificial Girl three way. Nice. Definitely NSFW.