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Monday, December 6, 2010

The Simpson's as Muppets for Christmas!

Wow, The Simpson's have been making quite a bit of news this year! Previously, they made a splash with their Banksy-directed opening sequence. And this time, for their annual Christmas episode, they've produced a live-action segment, featuring Katy Perry:

The Katy Perry appearance is obviously a nod to the so-called controversy with her Sesame Street appearance. I have to tell ya, I'm not really a fan (I don't really know her work at all), but I am enjoying the fact that she seems to have a sense of humor about herself. And she's easy on the eyes, too.

I think this is great. I've been a Simpson's fan since their initial appearance on the Tracy Ullman show back in the late 80s. And even though they've not been raising the hell that they used to, they still manage to do something to keep this show fresh and entertaining. Now I just have to remember to at least DVR the new episodes...

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