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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Live-Action AKIRA Film

Akira was the first film I ever saw in the theater in New York. It was the first film I saw at the Film Forum. I remember being home from my first semester of college (1990), and while watching MTV (back when they actually played music videos), there was a segment of MTV News that talked about Akira making its US premiere in NYC. The theater was packed, and the audience was excited. And it was amazing. To this day, there are very few films that come close to matching or surpassing it-- it's like the Blade Runner of animation (1998's Cowboy Beebop series and film is one of those few).

Since its release, there have been several attempts by Hollywood to do a live-action remake. At one point, Stephen Norrington was attached (director of the first, and best of the Blade films). Then the Hughes Brothers, and even Hype Williams. And now, commercial and short film director Ruairi Robinson has apparently been tapped to make his feature film directorial debut with Akira....IF it ever gets made. So who knows. It could still be a horrible adaptation, no matter who helms it. According to Latino Review, however, the script is supposed to be very faithful to the original film. And seeing as how the original film is based on a manga series, they have plenty of source material to work from (the original film is amazingly faithful to the books).

So who is this Ruairi Robinson? He was nominated for an Oscar a few years back for his short film "Fifty Percent Grey", and his latest short called "Silent City" has been floating around latley:

Not bad, right? He has some pretty big shoes to fill, though...