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Monday, December 6, 2010

Kevin Smith's Continuing Airline Problems

I'm sure every one of us has had our share of customer service problems. To put it in more human terms, we have all had to deal with some fuck-nut douchebags that wield false power in certain situations where they COULD be helpful...but for some stupid reason, they end up acting like the insignificant, underpaid pieces of shit they are.

Case in point, the latest in the apparently continuing saga of "Kevin Smith and the Asshole Airlines." I happen to be on Mr. Smith's Twitter feed, and over the last hour or so he has been tweeting about the situation that he, his wife, and his friend Jason Mewes has been currently caught up in. This time, it has nothing to do with his weight. It's exclusively piss-poor customer service. He's even blogged about it-- check it out. For those of you too lazy (or busy) to read it...basically, having been at the airport for a little over an hour, Smith and his party were kept from entering the plane. They arrived at the gate at the final moments of boarding, and literally had the plane door closed in their face. When they (calmly, as Smith indicates) tried to reason with the assholes at the gate, they were turned away. When they tried to inform them of his wife's medication, which was in their baggage...that was on the plane...they didn't seem to care. All of this went on, while the plane remained in the terminal.

I like Smith a lot. Love his movies, and have been an avid listener of his podcasts. It always sucks to hear about good people being caught up in other people's bullshit. I mean, come on! The asshole at the plane door...the fuck heads at the customer service desk...and the fact that his bags were STILL on the plane that they would not allow him to get on-- with his WIFE'S MEDICATION still inside?!

Virgin America is now on Smith's shit-list, along with Southwestern. It's too bad that there are companies out there that may offer wonderful service...but are managed and maintained by low-level, emotionally retarded, intellectually impotent little shits. I've been in similar situations as Smith with airlines, and I'm not at all famous...and I was not disrespected like this...except for this one time with Delta Airlines...and I turned that place out like a $5000 whore-- I was PISSED, and will NEVER fly Delta again!

I hope his wife is okay without her medication. And I hope all you Smith fans out there give him some support. If you can't boycott, then at least spread the word: the Virgin America crew working at terminal 4/gate B25 on December 6th, 2010 for the 11:45am flight to LAX are shit.

Pass it on.

UPDATE: According to a tweet by Mr. Smith, all was smoothed over with Virgin-- they apologized, refunded the flight, and offered free tickets.

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