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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Has President Obama Kept His Campaign Promises?

According to Politifact...mostly.

With all the incredible bitching and whining coming from the left and progressives regarding the President's tax deal with the GOP, many are diving over the deep end in regards to the President's track record for keeping true to the promises he's made on the campaign trail.

Politifact has compiled over 500 of Obama's campaign promises, and has built a database to provide a glimpse as to what he has been true to...and what he has not. And out of 500...123 have been kept...only 24  have been broken...and the rest are either up-in-the-air, compromised, or in the works.

Two years into his presidency, and the progressives and liberals are absolutely losing their shit. FOR WHAT?! Anyone that thought that this man was the messiah, and he could and would give them EVERYTHING they wanted is naive, childish, and bordering on stupid. I say "stupid" because most of the criticism out there has been petty. I dunno-- maybe it's because I have known all along that this man was only as good as the people that he has surrounding him...and those people, for the most part, are not very good. Is that his fault? Eh, somewhat. I mean, other than the people in his cabinet, the officials in Congress elected by the people have been less than competent as far as getting the American people what they need to live.

I guess I'm not too surprised that people are jumping in his shit. They did it to Bush, they did it to Clinton-- why not Obama? There hasn't really been any major disappointment for me that I'm willing to lash out at him as vehemently as the likes of Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow. I like those two people very much-- I watch their shows all the time (my daughter and I sing a little song to Olbermann's theme). I have been a bit disappointed in their reaction to the deal that Obama made with the GOP-- especially when it's just that...A DEAL. Nothing signed, sealed, or delivered. These two just lost their shit over it!

Look, do I like the idea of the rich getting their d**ks sucked? Nope. I also don't like the idea of these stingy bastards  holding out EVEN MORE because their precious tax cuts are gone. And THEY WILL hold out without those cuts-- make no mistake. Will tax cuts for the rich add to the deficit? Yup. As far as I'm concerned, in the grand scheme of things, this president has, in two years, spent FAR LESS than the Bush Administration spent during their 8 years in office...and on FAR MORE EGREGIOUS things! If Obama needs to spend A FRACTION of what Bush spent to make sure we get ourselves back on track, then so be it. We were $14 Trillion in the hole when Obama took over...what's an extra $1.5 Trillion to get these rich fucks to open up their wallets?

So Obama broke his Bush Tax Cuts promise. Yes, he's the ONLY POLITICIAN in the HISTORY OF THE WORLD that broke a promise. Let's be adult about this silly shit. I don't like it, either. But what else are we going to do? And none of that idealistic shit-- knowing what the climate is out there...WHAT ELSE ARE WE GOING TO DO?


Hey...maybe we'll just set up a new state for shanty towns, so the 2 million people who are out of work can settle there. What's a Native American word for "up shit's creek" or "you're just fucked" or "we want a political shit-show so we can prove to the Republicans that we have bigger dicks than they do"?

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