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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Force Unleashed 2: Death of Han Solo

I haven't played a Star Wars-themed video game in over two decades. I remember the vector-based arcade game-- you fought Tie-fighters in space, then did the trench run. I loved it!

Yeah, man-- that was state-of-the-art! 1983 in tha house! Since then, there's been a bunch of games, most of which just treading and retreading over stuff that happened in the movies. But now there's this "Force Unleashed" series, now up to #2. I don't know much about #1, and I don't really know much more about #2. There have been some really slick trailers, though.

Force Unleashed #1

Force Unleashed #2

Star Wars games have had a reputation of being let-downs, probably because most people were really keen on playing the movies-- and that's rarely been done well (Lego Starwars is okay). With Force Unleashed, they're taking liberties with the movies and pretty much doing an alternate universe "what if" kind of thing. With #2, which was "unleashed", if you will, they do a lot of revisionist stuff. One of these things has shocked Star Wars fans everywhere. It's the scene on Endor from Return of the Jedi, and the deaths of two pivotal characters in the Star Wars saga:

Pretty crazy, huh? The cinematics in these games are really really great! I have NO IDEA why Lucas just doesn't make an animated feature film this way. Or, why he couldn't model they action and photography seen in clips from a video game.

Truth-be-told, I haven't bought a video game in YEARS. I have a Wii, and I now want an Xbox (I love the idea of Kinect). Very few of these games inspires me to go out and spend $60. I'd rather wait a year or two when they'll be $19.95, or even $34.95. Maybe sometime in 2011, I'll have an Xbox. Then I'll try this game out to see if this scene is the only worthwhile thing to see or do in this game. It sure looks cool, though...!

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