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Monday, October 18, 2010

Why Christina and I Appeared on the Today Show On Sunday

Yup, that's us. We appeared in a segment this Sunday on the Today Show called "Dating Personalities". And the lady interviewing us is Dr. Helen Fisher, a Biological Anthropologist, and Chief Scientific Advisor for, which is where Christina and I met two a little over two years ago. Doesn't Christina look radiant and beautiful? More on that in a moment.

I have to tell ya, I was not at all interested in being interviewed for this show. Not in the LEAST. When it comes to my personal life, there are certain aspects of it that I have absolutely no interest in sharing with complete and total strangers-- ESPECIALLY on national television! So when Christina first told me about the interest in an interview with us, I answered with a flat-out "No." I should say that the first offer that we were given was for an interview on the Mike Huckabee Show (EEEEEWWWWW!!!). The only time I EVER want to appear on Fox News is to argue ignorant GOP policy with vapid news personalities-- NOT to discuss one of the happiest aspects of my life. That was an easy no, aside from the fact that Christina was not interested in appearing on Huckabee either (she's smart-- giggle-giggle!).

THEN we got the Today Show offer. And this was the one that she wanted to do. A little bit of background about my lady-- she's an actress (a great one, too). She's used to appearing on television and movies and stuff. I am MUCH MORE COMFORTABLE behind the camera than in front of it; I firmly believe that the camera HATES my face, and makes me look and sound like an absolute freak (more on that in a moment). I mean, don't get me wrong-- I proclaim my love for Chrissy daily. But I just didn't wanna do it on a TV interview show. To be honest, it just seemed like it would be too "reality show" for me. So again, I said "no". But obviously, that didn't work. She asked me at least 2 more times before her mother cornered me, and began her sentence with "Okay, this is what you're going to do..." and went about describing what my experience could will be like. can't really say "no" to Cindy Lord Cabot...and Christina really wanted to do it, you go (we appear at 1:42):

As a filmmaker, the greatest criticism that I can hurl at this segment is that they cut the LIVING HELL out of our interview!!! We talked A LOT. They had us there, in Dr. Fisher's office, for 45 minutes. And we gave very lengthy and articulate answers to Dr. Fisher's questions (she interviewed us, by the way). And the only things you heard Christina say was "Right,". And they you hear my stupid mouth talking about how bossy I can be-- TOTALLY TAKEN OUT OF CONTEXT!!!!!!!! Jesus, that made me sound like I was some task-master or tyrant or something-- especially my goofy, arrogant cackle at the end (UGH!!). If you could only hear how thoughtful and charming Christina was-- and they have her say ONE word?! I mean, they could have cut out the clips of that new Kevin James movie (Trivia Tidbit-- Christina was in an episode of King of Queens), and the insipid man-on-the-street interviews to make a bit more room for what I thought were very meaningful and beautiful comments. And that horrible close-up of my dumb face-- UGH!! Sigh....Oh well.

Aside from my anal editing critiques, physical insecurities, and other assorted anxieties that went along with appearing on national was actually a lot of fun. They crew from the Today Show was delightful, and Dr. Fisher was really great. And it was an absolute honor and pleasure to have a televised documentation with the love of my life. Christina Cabot is an amazing woman; she's super smart, funny, delightful, beautiful, charming, and sexy, and I am blown away that she wants to spend the rest of her life with me. If you found me in high school, and told this nerdy film geek and artsy freak that I eventually end up with a woman like Christina...I would have been upset that you could be so cruel as to mock me like that. I GOT LUCKY, man!

So that's it. This is one of many more extraordinary experiences that I have had, and will continue to have, with my special special lady. And this one is for all the world to see. Just ignore the parts with me in it.

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