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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

"Kendall on Sharecropping"

I know we now live in a "Post-Racial America", but every once-in-a-while we Black folk end up experiencing something that always manages to jerk us right back into reality. In fact, it is safe to say that damn-near EVERY BLACK PERSON in America has had a run-in with our old faithful friend "racism". For me, it's been many things from a best friend in grade school calling me a "black ape", a (white) girlfriend's uncle who slammed a door in my face, a group of white kids yelling "nigger" at me in the middle of NYC 8 years ago...I could go on and on and on.

In the following video, a young man named Kendall recounts a field trip that he and his classmates (all Black) went on when he was a kid:

Technically, this is not funny...but it SOOOO is!

There are a great many (White) people in this country that seem to be genuinely shocked when we tell stories like this. Some may even say we're embellishing for effect or shock-value. I only wish that were true. It's sad that you could tell a story like this, and have it be 100% accurate-- no hyperbole required.

Fortunately, many of us have learned to develop a sense of humor about these things that could otherwise be very scarring and painful. We have to. There's no way we could function if we carried a chip on our shoulder every time this type of shit happens. I think that's why many of these "we want our country back" White Folks that seem to be flocking to the tea party are having nervous breakdowns after the 2008 Presidential Election. It's a fear of a retribution that does not exist. We've had to learn to deal with it. Unfortunately for them....they are horrified. I guess I would be too, if I've treated people the way some of them have treated us.

What a shame.

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