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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Jimmy McMillan: Sit Your SILLY-ASS Down!!!

It's been said that this election year has been the craziest in this nation's history. We've seen and heard all kinds of stupid, silly shit over the last several months. From Rand Paul to Christine O'Donnell to Carl Paladino, we have been getting a vast parade of...well, there's no other word for it: idiots. It's the state of our nation right now-- people are scared, and desperate, and losing sight of their sanity in the wake of 8 years of GOP fuckery. This has brought out a collection of lunatics that believe that they are more capable of running things than career politicians. The only thing is...they're not. This election season by-and-large reminds me of the 2003 California Governor's race-- remember that nuttiness? But instead of one state, it's damn-near ALL of them.

One of the more "colorful" races has been for the NY Governor's office. All of the candidates were recently on display at the NY Gobernatorial debate this past Monday. Among the lot is the current governor, a racist douchebag, and a former prostitute. And THEN we have Jimmy McMillan, from what he calls "The Rent is Too Damn High" party, whose platform is...that the rent in NYC is too damn high. Fair enough-- it is. I don't think anyone living here (except billionaires) will dispute that. But in my opinion, this guy...more than the others...needs to go the F**K home. Seriously, Jimmy-- take your goofy-ass home, and lock the door, and stay there.

This guy has turned out to be the "break-out" star of the debate. Why, you ask?

My skin aches. I mean, this is some embarrassing shit. Yeah, I could talk about the facial hair (what's up with the hairy ball sack on his chin?), and the gloves...but that's all a given. This guy is a freak. He's awful. And he has NO BUSINESS being propped up as some kind of...WHATEVER the hell he is! This is the last thing we need-- another minstrel show for the media to play and replay and replay some more. Now I'm sure that many people will think that I'm being a bit too hard on this guy. Many people may think this guy is cool. But there is NOTHING cool about another Black man being held up as a buffoon for public consumption.

None of this bullshit is funny. Aside from the racial overtones, we are growing into a nation of goofballs. It seems like NO ONE is serious about this country, and all of the problems we're having. There are far too many people with a Shake-N-Bake/microwave mentality to all of our problems; as if the last 10 years of bullshit can be cleared up in the blink of an eye. So now, we have a bunch of witless assholes who are stepping up and raising their stupid voices-- and we're supposed to take them seriously?! WHY?!!?!?!? THIS SHIT IS NOT CUTE. IT IS NOT ENTERTAINING. THIS IS REAL LIFE, NOT REALITY TV!!!!

I swear, as time goes on, that movie Idiocracy is becoming a documentary:

Is this what you want?! Of course you do! You think you can just pull a lever, and take your ass home, and just sit there and wait for "Change" or whatever shit to happen. You don't want to do the REAL WORK that needs to be done. You just think you can leave it up to one person.

You know, Bush told all of you to just go shopping and forget about what he and his administration were doing. And you did. And look at what happened. I hope you bought some good shit. Maybe you can sell it now.

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