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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Donald Duck Meets Glenn Beck, by Rebellious Pixels

Remix culture can be a wonderful thing. From EBN to Eclectic Method, there have been some extremely creative M'Fers out there taking ordinary footage, chopping it up, and rebuilding with some amazing and entertaining results. This is a audio/visual medium that's remenicent of the birth of the rap and hip-hop era; it's like the kids that were pulling out their parents' vinyl, and using turntables and tape decks to create new things. And like the hip-hop guys, who couldn't afford instruments and studio equipment, these are filmmakers that can't necessarily afford to rent cameras, hire actors, build sets, and shoot films. They have found a unique way to tell their stories.

Jonathan McIntosh calls himself a "pop culture hacker", among other things, who spotlights his work through a website called Rebellious Pixels. His latest film is called "Right Wing Radio Duck", which features Donald Duck in an ideological battle with radio douchebag  Glenn Beck. He has culled through vintage Disney cartoons to find all the footage he needed to compliment his vision. That, along with the mindless, ADHD rantings of Glenn "asshole" Beck, and you've got something that's quite special. N-joy:

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