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Monday, October 11, 2010

Banksy Directs "The Simpsons" Opening Sequence

This was an unusual move. UK artist Banksy was asked to direct the opening sequence of The Simpsons. I'm not exactly sure if this was ever done before, but this is a great "gimmick" to keep this show fresh:

Speaking as someone who has been watching The Simpsons since The Tracey Ullman Show, I am sad to say that I haven't been keeping up with this series for more than several years now. It seems as if many of the Simpsons' fans that I know will only throw around references and lines from episodes that were made 10 years ago. And of course there's the movie, which...well, it wasn't bad...but how could anyone really make something that would live up to diehard fan expectations? It's not that I don't still watch it if it happens to be on...'cause I do. Aside from that, I have not kept up with the show (I find myself watching South Park, or Family Guy, or Futurama more often...which are The Simpson's illegitimate step-children, after all).

I see a lot of people posting and talking about this opening...but I have not heard a thing about this episode's storyline. So, this was a great thing for a viral existence. Whether or not it will continue to keep the show relevant...I dunno. But, it's still pretty great.

Banksy & The Simpsons: ain't nothin' wrong with that!

If you don't him, here's some stuff:

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