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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Uwe Boll's Auschwitz

Do you know who Uwe Boll is? He is called this generation's Ed Wood. He finances his own movies, which he writes, produces, and directs, including the Blood Rayne series, Alone in the Dark, Postal, Rampage, and Zombie Massacre. Universally, people hate his films. They HATE them.  They don't understand how it is possible that this man is able to find the money to make any of these films. There have been petitions signed to prevent this guy from making movies (to which, he responds)...

I have to be honest-- I have never seen his films; not one. I have no idea what kind of writer/director he is. All I know is that the trailer for Postal was sadistic, but cute. And I know that Blood Rayne is based on a video game that looked cool, but I never played.

So now, what happens when a man considered the worst director in generations makes a film about the Holocaust?  You get this:

That's the director himself as the guard standing outside the door. I have to say that, in a Passion of the Christ kind of way, this trailer is haunting, frightening, and extremely heavy. Knowing this man's passed track record, there is much to be feared about what this film will be. I think it will probably be offensive, extremely violent, horrific, things like that. But I don't know what this guy's angle is.

This is what he posted, along with the following photo:

"foto from my new movie foto from my new movie auschwitz what i shot parallel to my bloodrayne-the third reich ....its in the tradition of my movies stoic, darfur, rampage, tunnelrats, heart of shows auschwitz as this what it was: a meatplant for humans...a death factory"

 Okay, so...there you go. By the way, this is the trailer for Darfur:

I dunno, I mean...I guess I'd have to see it. Netflix?

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