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Friday, September 24, 2010

Christine O'Donnell and the GOP'bagger Bimbo Parade of 2010

Boy, they sure do know how to pick 'em, don't they? I've gotta say, the teabaggers do two things really well: anger, and numb-skullery.

There's been a lot of talk about the danger that Democrats are walking into this November. And it's not as if they don't deserve to have their asses handed to them. The Dems have always had a penchant of ruining a good thing. It's a shame to watch, and even more frustrating to deal with. As much as I like Obama, he continues to fall short of the greatness he is more-than-capable of; the administration has been falling short on a lot of the "Change" they promised. While it's true that so many of his supporters have broken their backs lifting him onto a pedestal, their unrealistic expectations have left many feeling that they've been slighted. They want to love him...but they're having a hard time doing it.

Things were supposed to be different, now that the party that screwed our country in the first place was out of power. The Dems, however, have put themselves into a position where they've given that power back to the GOP. Every move they've made, from Health Care, to Financial Reform, from Tax Cuts, to "Don't Ask Don't Tell" has been unnecessarily subjected to GOP stone walling. So much so that it's made them look completely impotent and ineffective. In other words, THEY ARE NOT LEADING.

There's been talk of the GOP finding their so-called mojo...which is laughable. I mean, the only thing that they have done, besides bitch and moan with absolutely no viable solutions, is attempt to co-opt the intellectually-void teabagger movement. Like a colon-deep cancerous growth, they have been trying to absorb all that "populous furry"-- much like they did with the Evangelicals in the 80s. Only this time, the 'baggers have not been to keen on the GOP's intrusion. In fact, during many of the elections that have been held this year, many of the GOP "establishment candidates" have been overtaken by 'baggers.  Rand Paul, Sharron Angle, Joe Miller, and now Christine O'Donnell have been propped up as leading teabagger candidates for the 2010 Midterm Elections. Does this mean that the media narrative of a "GOP takeover" is pretty much in the bank? In my opinion....HELLLLLLL NO!

Seriously, have you listened to what these bimbos have had to say? You pull their strings, and they belch up the most vague policy statements that even a five year old could conjure up: smaller government, spending freeze, no Board of Education, no new taxes, VALUES. That's it. That's all they ever say. Well, I think that's all they ever say, because none of them want to do interviews with anyone but Fox News. That is actually a strategy of theirs-- don't talk to reports, talk to the people instead! Because after all, you don't want to talk to professionals that know your field, you want to talk to people that know very little about who you are and what you do, so that you can spin your own narrative (lie). I just don't understand this-- if you are really the best candidate, why can't you just answer questions? Every other politician in this nation's history has had to deal with media scrutiny of some sort-- what makes you so different?

This Christine O'Donnell person for example, or should I say Sarah Palin's own "Mini-Me", really takes the cake. She is so unqualified and so unprepared for ANY political appointment that she actually makes Palin look like Ronald Reagan. The anti-masturbation and witchcraft and not-paying-her-bills and using campaign money to pay her rent aside...what the hell qualifies this woman to run for public office? How is it that the most unqualified, the most ridiculous candidates feel that they can be smug and arrogant enough to snub the "mainstream media" in favor of direct contact "with the voters" (other than Fox News, that is). Ignoring the media is only going to get you so far-- sooner or later, you will be held accountable for your short-comings (ask your friend Sarah). Palin, Sharron Angle and Rand Paul have made this the thing to do-- run away from reporters. Ignore them-- answer the questions YOU want to answer. To hell with those book-readers and intellectuals!

Watching this field of 'bagger candidates grow over the last few months, I have become convinced that the Dems have very little to worry about this fall. The other end of the aisle-- the GOP'baggers-- are a mess. Whether it's intellectually weak candidates, or bullsh*t policy statements ("Pledge to America"? Please...), they are offering NOTHING but an anti-Obama/anti-immigrant/anti-middle class/pro-weathly agenda.

I think people have the right to be angry. I think the Dems need to stop being p***y's, and start LEADING! In all sincerity, two years is not enough time to climb out of a hole that took nearly 10 years to dig. I am thankful to be employed at this time in our nation's economic condition. I am thankful that my child is getting a good education and given whatever she needs and/or wants. Many of you may also be very thankful (in the grand scheme of things, EVERY AMERICAN should be thankful). There are many of our citizens that are not that lucky. Many have been screwed, either by their own bad decisions, or by the malfeasance of others....or both. But to put ourselves back into a position where we allow the offending party to regain control...that's just insane.

The GOP'bagger Bimbo Parade of 2010 is picking up speed, and will continue to storm at full force through 'till election day. Many of the pundants are counting on something called "Obama Fatigue" to help them win key elections this fall. Fatigue after two years? Well, I guess if you can have "Katrina Fatigue" or "Haiti Fatigue"...well, I guess there can also be "Tea Party Fatigue" as well...I've had that since day one. You can only listen to dimwitted nonsense for so long before it starts to wear on your nerves.

So, I guess we've got a fun and crazy and probably painful few weeks ahead of us....

...have fun!

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