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Friday, July 9, 2010

The White Fear is Coming For YOU!!!!!!!

Ah, insecure, paranoid, rich white men...will you say anything intelligent or honest to keep your work-class and poor masses entertained (or shitting in their pants, or loading their guns).

From Mexican immigrants to Obama's racism, these silly people just keep saying the dumbest things you could possibly imagine! Not shocking, or surprising...just stupid. I think most people kind of expected this wave of ignorance to crash on us at some point in time or another. And what better time that the election of the first Black president for the White Right to lash out...passive-aggressively, mind you...with their frustrations and anger and jealousy and fears.

Let's take race-baiter and conspiracy theorist Glenn Beck for example. His latest slice of hilarity comes in the form of accusations that Barrack Obama is liked to the New Black Panther party. YAWN-- what? There's a "New" Black Panther party? And Obama's involved, huh? This is horrible. I guess Beck's claims of Obama's racism are correct, huh-- I guess he really does have a deep-seated hatred for White people and the White culture. You know who says that a lot? Paranoid White people. Just like the arguments I hear from Black men about how the "White Man" is keeping them he's not. It's stupid, from all sides. But Beck has a way of making dumb shit sound even dumber. Smugness and ignorance don't mix very well (just ask Sarah Palin-- or not, 'cause she probably won't know what you're talking about).

Of course, we can't bring up stupid racial brain-fuckery without talking about that fat, ignorant nimrod Rush Limbaugh. Limbaugh has said time and time again that Obama is the perfect gateway for the pro-brown/anti-White America-haters. Up with Mexicans, up with Blacks, down with Whitey! Yeah, that's what we all think, you know.We long for the day when we can raise our children in a White-free world. The only people that think this way-- that think that Whites are in jeopardy-- are Whites like these two shit-heads.

If you think like Beck and Limbaugh, you think that the world has changed for the absolute worst. And that worst has everything to do with the democratic election of the first Black president. See, with a Black president, all of the greatest fears-- the greatest "White fears"-- are coming to fruition. It's the third or fourth of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse. It's one thing to live in a world that may be multi-ethnic, but you don't have it in your face...and then to live in one where it IS in your face. It's the inescapable truth of a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural country...and the "horrors" that come with them.

Let's just say, for shits and giggles, that Obama IS a racist. So what? Whites NEVER want their feet held to the fire for their racist views-- particularly the ones that bitch about race the most. Racist Whites will do and say anything to mask their views, or allowing others to define what their views are. They refuse to accept the perception of their feelings and their words and/or actions. They make excuses, use talking points, talk of "the race card" ANYTHING to shift the focus of attention from the basic facts. So, if Obama is a racist...why would it bother certain White folks so much? Is this a simple case of a fear that chickens will be coming home...something about them roosting...

When it comes to race relations in America, there are two types of people; those who care, and those who do not. Those of us who do NOT care can live our lives without the need of judging people by something so insignificant, insecure, and immature as someone's race or ethnicity, or sexual orientation. Then, you've got the "others". Those Americans that enjoy the smell of their own farts, feast on their own shit, and swallow their own bile for nurishment. These are the people that find fault in any and everyone that does not think, look, or act as they do. They develop false facts, pseudo-science and religious misinterpretation to rationalize their views. They need to, after all...when you have feelings and emotions that are so skewed and out-of-line with normalcy, there needs to be another reason for it, other than the fact that you're a "racist" or a "homophobe" or a "xenophobe". And that is where the Becks and the Limbaughs, and the Tancredos, and the Palins come in...they HAVE all the bullshit answers that uneducated, hateful people need to feel know, so they can avoid all that "White Guilt" they've heard so much about!

Or Beck,  Limbaugh and the others could just be doing it for the money. Hey, there are a lot of people that eat up bullshit like this (cough-cough-teabaggers). And nothing says ratings like a "racist claptrap"...

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