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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Shirley Sherrod: Now, What Have We Learned....?

Shirley Sherrod: Now, What Have We Learned....?

I gotta say, when it comes to idiotic race/racist/racism/racialism stories....when it rains, it POURS.

And we (hopefully) wrap up this round of America's Racial Retardation Tour with the plight of Mrs. Shirley Sherrod.  We all know the story by now, right?  Asshole Andrew Breitart, Conservative blogger and mental defective, wrote an out-of-context story based on a half-edited video of Mrs. Sherrod speaking at an event about issues and conflicts that she has herself had to confront about race. His purpose? According to him, to bring to light the hypocrisy of the NAACP. How'd that work out for you, Andrew? Not well, huh? And that's the fault of the "mainstream media", right? How about that fact that you used a poor example to justify a flawed thesis?

It has always been the NAACP's job to protect the rights of non-White folks that, at a certain time in our history, where being murdered and disenfrancised by a system that allowed those things to happen. As times, and laws, have changed over the years, we find that there are still some instances where their assistance is required; with education reform, for example. But when it comes to race relations, it seems as if they are slighted and mocked by predominately White conservatives that believe that racism either no longer exists, or only exists on the fringes...and is no longer a serious issue to contend with.

Well, unfortunately for these White conservatives, race is still an issue. Talk about the race card-- no one seems to play it as much as the members of Fox News. From Glenn Beck's "Obama has a deep-seated hatred of White poeple and the White culture", to their so-called coverage of the 2-4 guys that are the New Black Panther's all about how much fear they can fill into the hearts of the "disenfrancised" White folks of America. You know, because White folks have always had it very hard in America-- especially now. And with our new Black President, people like me can now have the heel of my boot on the neck of Whitey, so they can do my bidding. Now all we have to do is knock up all the White women, and kill the White men and "cracker" babies, and our mission will then be complete. N-word, please....

And to top this all off, Tom Vilsack and the other jackasses over at the Agricultural Department completely and totally jumped the gun over a non-issue that ONLY needed about 5-10 minutes of research to clear up! I can't bust Brietbart and Fox News' balls too much over this-- they are just doing the stupid shit that they always do. But Vilsack and the others really had their heads up their asses on this one. And why? According to Sherrod, because she was told that the story would be on Glenn Beck's show. So, to get this straight were afraid of Glenn Beck-- this is Glenn Beck we're talking about here-- it's Glenn FREAKING Beck. You were "afraid" that this non-story was going to be covered by him?! Of all people-- I mean, I even give Hannity and O'Reiley more credit...but GLENN BECK?! Mrs. Sherrod, I know this is below you, but I really wish that instead of pulling over to "text" your resignation, you told whoever was on the line to "Go to Hell." I personally would have just said "Fuck you," and hung up the phone. But that's just me-- I'm vulgar.

And now...a day later...after everyone realised what a bullshit story this was...NOW everyone is sorry. O'Reilly is (sort of) sorry. Breitbart is sorry...that the "mainstream media" took his story out of context (serioulsy, asshole?). Barry H. called Mrs. Sherrod on the phone to offer his appologies and regrets. Barry, I gotta tell need to get your little team over there into better shape than it's in right now. You have people working for you reacting to stupid shit that Beck and the other anti-intellectuals at Fox News say and do. Most of us who know better understand Fox for what it is. What you have to do is better educated to zombie-fied, uneducated, unfortunate souls that actually believe that Fox delivers intelligent and thoughtful news. They are a media and entertainment channel-- we all know that! And the more you and the others continue to react to their garbage, the more powerful and "legitimate" they become! So STOP IT!!!!!

Breitbart is now playing victim, and claims that he was given this video by an unnamed source, and it says all these things, and blah-blah-blah. What kind of hack runs a story like this, with NO further research? Or forethought, for that matter. If you want to discredit the NAACP, you're going to have to employ more intelligent tactics than the basic Sourthern Strategy race-baiting that conservatives have used for well over 5 decades. And you have to also understand the fact that White people are going to be criticized...whether you (or any other overly-sensitive White person) want to accept that or not. The problem is that race-centric White folks are not used to being criticized, or debated about their behavior in the past, or in the present. He and other teabaggers have taken a situation that they could have turned to their political advantage...and turned into RAHOWA. And they did that because that's all they know. They know how great they are, and how great America is because of them....and how rotten Black and Brown and Yellow and Red folks are, and how much they are ruining America.

"I WANT MY COUNTRY BACK!!!" idiots and birthers and all other assorted human waste have corrupted the Tea Party Movement, possibly irreperably. They allowed all that moronic rhetoric to get out of control to the point where it has defined them. It was too little, too late for them to try to change their ways, or scoff at those who call them racists...because they didn't deal with this problem FROM THE BEGINNING. And that's your fault, people. It's the same reason why some White folks have to bend over backwards to prove that they are not racists....because of unchecked past behavior, a pattern emerged, and stereotypes and expectations have set in. And now you want to blame everyone that calls you on it.

You people, ALL of you people, need to get over this racial shit. You need to start acting like mature adults, and learn to have rational and intelligent conversations about this stuff. And you need to take personal responsibility for who you are, and what you do...and what you are going to do to get over this crap. Conservatives have to learn that playing the race card in politics is a dangerous and stupid game. And Liberals have to stop screaming "racism!" every ten seconds. But none of you will. And we'll be back at square one soon enough.

So be it.

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