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Friday, July 9, 2010

New iPod Touch, with Camera, coming in September?

This is actually an old-ish story, but it's been popping up again recently. Turns out that the next version of the iPod Touch will feature a camera (5megapixel still and 720p HD video), and the gyroscope introduced in the iPhone 4. Supposedly, there will also be access to the FaceTime app, enabling video chat from the iPod as well.

I had been wondering when Apple was going to put a camera on the iPod-- looks like the wait may soon be over. I also like the idea of having some of the feature available on the iPhone, without having to buy an iPhone. One of the reasons I don't have an iPhone yet is because I use Verizon, and I am not switching to AT&T's sucky service. And really, with Wi-Fi becoming more and more common in major cities, is it really necessary to have this 3G or 4G crap?

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