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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Elisabeth Hasselbeck = Flaming Idiot

I don't watch The View, but my lady friend does. And she cannot stand Elisabeth HasselBITCH, as she calls her. I can't say that I blame her. The View has always had a revolving door of blondes on the panel that have been...well, they have been very faithful to the stereotypes of those with lighter hair, and the intelligence level that goes along with it.

I submit, as Exhibit A, her latest brain-fart. During a recent "Hot Topic" segment, Whoopie Goldberg introduces a story about a study that says that there are a large number of older women who are recently coming out as lesbians. According to Mrs. Hasselbeck, this is because older women are tired of men, and are looking for something different. She actually said this out loud on live television-- that older lesbians are basically women who have been unable to make romantic connections with men, and the fact that so many older men are going for younger they opt for the lesbian lifestyle. Not that the woman has either poor taste in men, or bad judgment, or many other variables that men and women can carry with them for a lifetime. It's apparently the fault of men.

Look, far be it from me to insult someone's intelligence...okay, who am I kidding-- I do that often. This woman is touched in the noggin, clearly. I mean, who the hell would wake up one morning, after 40-50-60-70 years of heterosexual behavior and say "You know what? Let me try it the other way around!" No one does that, unless you are gay to begin with, and are hiding it from yourself or others. MEN AND WOMEN ARE EITHER BORN GAY, OR THEY ARE NOT BORN GAY. Unless you have a Bible so far up your tush that you will only allow yourself to think is gay, from womb to tomb. Period.

I'm a straight man. And there are times when I have had trouble meeting women. Not once, NOT ONCE, did I think, "Hmmmmm, well...these ladies don't like me...what if I bed up with guy? Wonder how that would be?" You know how it would be? Not for me. You know how else it would be? Not at all. Why? BECAUSE I'M STRAIGHT. God, or science, made me this way, and that's the way it is. The intellectually and emotionally stunted folks of our great nation seem to think that it's some switch that can be turned on or off-- that you CHOOSE the gay or the straight. To speak to this in terms that Mrs. Hasselbeck can's not like picking which pair of shoes to wear for the day.

Boy, leave it to issues like race or sexual orientation to bring out the stupid...

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