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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Brown Berets Want America Back!

Delicious, tasty, sweet irony! Even if this is drop-dead serious, it's still pretty funny...

A group calling themselves The Brown Berets is making waves over the internets with a video of two members of their community showing up at an anti-immigration rally with a megaphone and some choice words for the predominately White protesters on the scene, such as "You're White! This is Mexican land! Go back to Germany! Go back to Europe!"

Pretty hilarious, if you ask me. I mean sure, racism is racism no matter who is spewing it. But this is the obvious and direct result of the surge of anti-Mexican/anti-immigrant rhetoric that's been regurgitated from the Right for well over a year now. You can even hear some woman in the video telling the protester to go wash someone's dishes-- sure, that's funny...but it's not doing much to help the debate. There is only so much that people will allow themselves to be pushed around before they end up pushing back. Hence, you've got "Chicano Militantism":

Most Americans don’t understand why anybody would want to protest in what they call the “greatest country in the world”. "After all", they say, "don’t we all enjoy so many rights and benefits in this country that no other country in the world has? Why can’t people just stop complaining and just be happy? Why can’t they just speak English and be American?" Many Chicanos feel this type of thinking is an arrogant ethnocentric ideology rooted in a superiority complex inherent in American thought. Why is it right that when a white person raises his/her voice in defiance he/she is considered a hero or rights advocate, but when Chicanos raise their voice they are considered troublemakers and whiners? This a double standard that must be addressed.

Right or wrong, this is what happens as a result of White American racism going unchecked. The Teabaggers have learned this the hard way over the last week or so, as they have begun to work feverishly to debunk claims of racism that the NAACP have recently sought to condemn...this is after well over a year of ignoring or making excuses for racism in their ranks. You know when they shove a boot up Mark Williams' stupid ass...they are willing to make some changes.

Unfortunately, Whites who are innocent of racist idiocy get clumped together with those of less mental capacity and emotional intelligence. And that's a shame, it really is. And it's too bad that there are White folks out there that get threatened by groups like The Brown Berets or The New Black Panther Party, or other so-called minority militant groups. But after all, that's the intimidate certain Whites into "behaving themselves."

I would like nothing more than all people with a racial stick of their asses to just go someplace else. Go someplace where you would feel comfortable. It's a big world out there-- you don't have to stay here. Just leave the rest of us alone so that we can deal with the real problems.

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