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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Black and Angry Vs. White and Stupid: No One Wins

So, what do we have going on this week in the never-ending game of America's Got Racist Race-Baiting Racialized Stupidity?  We have the NAACP attacking the Tea Party over charges of racism. We have Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh publicly imploding over the great Black Threat. Then there's Mel Gibson and his "wetbacks" and "gang of niggers." Oh, and we have the New Black Panther party who, according to Fox News, intimidated people at the polls into voting for the Black Muslim Socialist President Obama. There's so much racial retardation going on, I just don't know where to start!

Well, I guess I can start with this New Black Panther thing that's been going around. So, apparently, Glenn Beck is wetting his panties over something that Malik Shabazz said about killing white people, and their cracker babies. Horrifying, isn't it? There is a Black man calling for White deaths. I'm sure all of you innocent White folks out there are as scared as Beck is, aren't you? It's horrible, isn't hypothetically have your life  threatened by this one guy. I'm sorry to be so sarcastic (no, I'm not), but I really don't see what the threat is here. When I think about it, a silly, loud mouth Black kid talking about killing White babies, versus a history of Whites actually killing Black babies, and men, and women...well, I can understand why Whites are scared to death. But it's still silly. Seriously, how many Black Panthers are responsible for the deaths of White people? How many Whites have the Black Panthers killed? Or beat up? How many? Compare that to the number of Blacks that the KKK or NeoNazi Skinheads or other White Supremacy groups have killed. How scared are you now? Probably more so, huh? I mean, now that we have a Black President, White killings may actually be legalized. I wonder when I'll get my government-issued license? My trigger finger is ITCHING!!! And my hangin' rope is lonely!

Should this guy, or any other guy (or gal) be talking about killing people? Of course not. But I can't and won't feel sorry for White folks that are getting themselves all worked up over nothing. Assholes like Shabazz say stupid things all the time. Again, how many White folks over the years have said (and DONE) stupid things in the name of their racial supremacy? And after all of that-- after YEARS of this, I'm not the least be concerned, or afraid, of rogue White folks and their irrational, emotionally unbalanced hate and fears. We got over it, you should too. I know that there are plenty of White folks out there that hear the shit that Shabazz says, and thinks that every single Black person in the country listens to, and believes it. That, in and of itself, could be construde as racist. But I would rather just consider it lazy thinking. Or stupidity. But that's just me.

And speaking of stupidity, we have the Teabaggers. Aside from their ass-backward policies and no-sense government solutions, there are allegations that the group is nothing more than a pack of racists under the guise of a political movement. In a recent push towards that line of thinking, the NAACP approved a resolution to condemn the 'baggers for their intolerance and racism. But ask a 'bagger, any one of 'em, and they'll tell you that they're in no way, shape, or form racists. I mean, aside from the posters at their rallies and the rhetoric from their representatives....they are not racists! See, what I don't understand is that if we are to go by the "logic" of someone like Glenn Beck, the mere fact that at LEAST one person has shown up at a teabagger rally with a racist sign...that should condemn the entire group as being racist. Right? I mean, if we can link Obama to the New Black Panther Party, CLEARLY we can link Glenn Beck and the whole of teabaggers to The Klan. Oh, and by the way...the term "teabaggers" is not the new "nigger." I swear, I have never heard so much self-pity and whining. "Oh, boo-hoo-hoo! I want my country back! And stop making fun of our ass-backward idiocy! Leave us alone, and listen to us! We're right and you're wrong! I saw two Black people at our rallies, so we're not racists!" Please. I haven't heard a teabagger, or any of the morons that speak for them, say one goddamn thing worthy of good braincells.

And speaking vapid, fat idiots...well, I wasn't. But I am now! Our good friend Rush Limbaugh is angry. He's angry that Blacks are, once again, complaining about how awful it is to live in America. After all, Blacks have everything. They have all the money, all the power...from Oprah to Obama, Black wealth reins supreme in America. Even that dead "cracker" George Steinbrenner (isn't that Jewish?) has made Blacks rich beyond their wildest dreams. It's been said that Rush is not really a racist. They say that he is just saying this stuff because it appeals to his demographic. I really don't care if he, or anyone else for that matter, is a racist or not. I've never found the man to be all that bright. Crafty, sure. A "comedian", yes. Smart? Bright? Clever? Nah. I just don't see it. He's an ideological coward that bitches alone in front of a golden dick-like microphone every day. And without that mic, he's nothing but an ignorant shut-in talking to himself. I mean, look-- he probably is a racist, but so what? Who is he really reaching out to? He's one of the people that just preaches to his choir-- he's not "converting" anyone, or making anyone "see the light". He speaks to 1/8th of America's population. That's it! And that's including the dim-witted politicians that gobble on his nob whenever any of them speak out against just how stupid he is. Which means that politicians are akin to whores, scrapping after ANY VOTE that they can get. But we all knew that, didn't we?

There was one point in my life when I thought my Dad was a racist. I heard him say things as a youngster that made me cringe, quite frankly. And he died without me telling him that now, as an adult, I truly understand where he was coming from. He didn't hate White people. But he did have a hard time trusting them. See, he dealt with racism in a way that me and my brother, and my daughter, have never and will never have to deal with. He had White men calling him a nigger to his face. He had White men calling him out to fight, or wanting to kill him, because he told them to kiss his Black ass. Now, I have never been called a "nigger" to my face by a White man, and I can't imagine that happening. If it happened in my youth, that White person would be picking up his teeth with broken fingers. As an adult, I'd probably laugh in their face and call them a fucking moron.

I don't hate or distrust White folks at all. I have White folks in my life that I love very much-- they've been in my home, been around my daughter (who is half white)...I havne;t a racist bone in my body when it comes to White folks, or Asians, or Hispanics, or anyone else. It's difficult for me to condemn an entire race of people because of a few stray shit-heads out there. But unfortunately, there are mental defectives and emotionally retarded folks out there that lack the good sense that God, or science, gave them.

Racism in America will be around for a very long time, ladies and gentlemen. Things are getting better, for sure...but to assume that hundreds of years of racial conditioning will disappear overnight is foolish, silly, naive, and just plain wrong. Some people want to ignore it, others want to amplify it, and more still want to deny it. And no one has the upper hand in the discussion. Are Blacks angry? Yeah, some of us are. Some of us aren't. Are Blacks racist? Not all of us, but yes. Are Whites racist? Not all of them, but yes. Whites are responsible for the racial climate in America. They've propagated it, as well as condemned it. Are Whites stupid? Just the racist ones. Anyone that has their heads so deeply wedged between their ass-cheeks that they think they are racially superior than others is...well, stupid.

Race-centric Blacks and Whites will bitch and moan for many, many years to come. Each side will feel slighted, and ignored, and stepped on by the other. And it's a shame, really. Both sides of this stupid argument are completely unaware that they are more alike than they think they are. People who are generally that ignorant are too blind to see that. So for the rest of us, we have to keep that in mind. Whether they're calling for cracker deaths, or condemning Black-negro socialist hell-bent on ruining America...they know not what they are saying. They don't understand themselves, or other people. If they did, they would think before they spoke. Or, they would just think, period.

That's all.

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