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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Surra De Bunda

Hey there. Ya like dancing? You do?! Well, have to check out what is being called "the latest dance craze" from our friends in South America.

It's been said that many of our female pop stars, from Madonna to Britney Spears, and all the rest, that they look and dance like strippers. Well, I DARE any American pop star to try to work "Surra De Bunda" into their act. I mean, these girls in these videos are doing some outlanding shit. They just said "F*ck it-- if we're gonna act like strippers, we may as well just go all the way."

The dance involves a couple, much like the waltz...but during Spring Break after 12 shots of Tequila. The man sits on the ground, with his arms back and his legs straight out. The woman then preens and dances around him, which mostly involves her gyrating and grinding her hips. There's also alot of dipping her booty up and down, in the air at first. Then, she straddles the guy and bobs her ass up and down in his crotch, scoops up her booty, bumping it into the man's face. And then, the signature move: she grabs his ankles, props her feet on his shoulders, sticks her booty up in the air...then, in tandem with the song, mashes her ass into the man's face. Mashing, or grinding, or shaking-- I guess the girl can improvise, mix it up a bit...

Google Translate says that "Surra De Bunda" in Portuguese means "ass licking"; I am not making that up.

I found out about this on BuzzFeed and, at first, thought it was a joke.

I don't think I'm offended by this at all. It's a neat dance. So full of energy and style. Don't get me wrong, this is not the kind of thing that I would want to do in public-- that's kind of weird. But I guess there are exhibitionists out there that would. Does that sound prudish?

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