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Friday, June 11, 2010

Sarah Palin's "New Boobs": Or, The One Job She May Actually Keep

Sarah Palin's "New Boobs": Or, The One Job She May Actually Keep | Photo 02

Sarah Palin has always been able to get herself into the news in one way or another. This time, she's brought along some friends. All over the internets, people are talking about the latest addition to the Palin family. It's been widely speculated that Sarah has had some breast augmentation. Good for her, I say. I personally don't like fake breasts, but whatever-- if this makes her feel better about herself, then so be it. This move has helped place her into the pantheon of politically-relevant women who have also had breast enhancement, such as...uh...hmmm. Okay, I don't know any other ones.

So, I guess she needed some accessories to go along with the new studio that Fox had built for her up in Alaska. This had to happen, after all. I mean, who would have really taken her seriously without this new work done? Not that she wasn't easy on the eyes before-- she's an attractive woman, that's for sure. But now, all those old, crusty GOP'ers will be more transfixed on the wonder that is Sarah Palin-- more so than they were when she was winking at them. Now she'll be able to wink all she wants, and no one will even notice!

In all seriousness, I don't know why she felt she needed to do this-- if she has, in fact, done it. Supposedly, a source close to Palin said that these rumors were "absolutely ridiculous." There hasn't been a comment from the Palin camp-- no Facebook posts or anything. So I am guessing that it's true, considering that Sarah is quick to make an update for any other silly little thing. But I have to say, I'm not exactly sure that this is true. I mean, all it takes is the right top to accentuate the figure. For example, you may not have a particularly calipygian figure, but put on a pair of white pants and WAMMO! Instant "nice booty"!

Again, she's already an attractive woman-- no one has ever really paid any attention to her breasts before; they are now, whether this story is true or not.

Maybe we'll all take her more seriously now.

Ha-- just kidding!

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