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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Gen. Stanley McChrystal: A MAJOR *sshole?

There are a couple of levels with which I view General McChrystal, as based on his interview with Rolling Stone Magazine. He is serious, respected, feared, "brilliant"...and a bit of a prick.  Not that being a prick is a bad thing-- sometimes we all need to be hardcore to deal with certain people or situations. But if you're going to talk shit about your boss, you don't do it publicly for all to hear...and you DON'T do it in a nationally published magazine.

While half of the article paints McCrystal as a brash, career-minded military man who did better in life than in school...the other half shines a spotlight on his mouthy, obnoxious, bitchy side. This man talks a lot of shit, and so do the people around him. Again, not a bad thing. Personally, I understand the general disdain for authority, and "office politics", and the intellectual and emotional disconnect from the people you're supposed to be taking orders from...but unfortunately, General McCrystal position is far too important for him to be running his mouth as recklessly as he has. You can't openly bust the Vice President's balls in front of reporters-- this is not the night manager at Wendy's you're mocking. Maybe he's just tired, I dunno-- but one would have to question the judgment of the man who thought this was okay to do. It's even worse if he didn't really "think about it". What else is he not really thinking about?

I thought another interesting thing about the article was an insight into General McChrystal's Neo-conservative Afghan policy-- his COIN, or counterinsurgency plan for complete military and governmental takeover of Afghanistan, which could take nearly a decade (more), and its eventual nation-building by the US. How naive and silly was I to think that Neo-conservatism left with Bush/Cheney/Wolfowitz/Rumsfeld.  Mr. Obama seems to be carrying on this fine tradition.

And speaking of Mr. Obama, it turns out that he didn't really know too much about the good General before hiring him to take on this mission. That's kinda frightening. I mean, as smart as Obama seems like a bit more vetting was in order. He's apparently had a run-in or two with McChrystal already. I guess whatever he felt he had nipped in the bud wasn't quite so nipped.

So now, President Barry has called General Stanley get his ass to D.C. tomorrow so they can have a little talk. It seems as if everyone is saying that the General should be hitting the bricks...or is it "shitting" bricks? Whatever it is, he may surely lose his job over this lapse of judgment. And maybe he should. It's always a shame when talented people do (and/or say) stupid things. Even if Obama and Biden are out of their league and don't know enough (or anything at all) about the situation...instead of being a bitch, talking shit, and being an asshole...why not just educate them? Was that below him? A waste of his time?

Oh well. I guess now he'll have plenty of time to rewatch Talladega Nights. America, FUCK YEAH!

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