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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Barack Obama Hates the Gulf Coast

So, are we tired of this oil leak yet? Have we just had enough of watching video of that oil just spewing out of it's man-made hole, bubbling out into the ocean and washing up on our shores? No, we're not...ask us again in four months, we may very well be. But in the meantime, it's been the top story for several weeks now, competing with items involving the end of Helen Thomas' career and that Van Der Sloot douche bag.  And what's as big as the oil story? Barack Obama's leadership...or lack thereof, as some would have you believe.

Apparently, there are some people out there that don't think enough is being done about this oil spill. In a recent Washington Post/ABC News poll, a startling 69% of Americans think the Federal Government is either not doing enough, or has completely completely failed to do anything about the oil disaster.  That's pretty amazing-- 69%?!  Among the criticisms of the poor response has been President Obama's apparent lack of a "suitable" response. In other words, Obama hasn't thrown anything against the wall, or let loose a tirade of four-letter words, or screamed at anyone on camera, or held down BP CEO Tony Hayworth while defecating in his face. He instead, according to some people, just sat around "pontificating" with experts in a scholarly fashion...just sitting around in some conference room somewhere, instead of putting on a wet suit to plug the hole with his bare hands, or a Haz Mat suit to physically help clean up the oil-drenched pelicans-- the same oil that people like Brit Hume claimed was no where near the shore. The same oil that Rush Limbaugh said the ocean would take care of...because it's natural.

The thing is, it's not natural. This is a man-made catastrophe, caused by the penny-pinching of one of the largest oil companies in the world-- aided by the lack of regulation set up by a certain someone's Energy Task Force. So these comparisons to Hurricane Katrina are fairly baseless. Aside from the "perfect storm" of cronyism and lack of regulation, the response times in both instances is far from similar. If you listen to the folks that really know what's going on (i.e, scientists, geologists, etc), they have said time and time again that this disaster is something new-- one expert called this a "live experiment". Everything that has been tried has been tried for the first time-- and NO ONE KNOWS what's going to work. And one would think that BP would have some kind of plan for something like this...but they do not-- someone had said that their deep water drilling was akin to sending a man to the moon without thinking of a way to get them back.  You would think that since this is their field, BP would have taken care of this weeks ago...and I'm sure they thought this would be taken care of as well. But here we are. Still....

The thing that I can fault Obama on is his lack of PR skills. He spends way too much time being annoyed with the media, and not enough time USING THEM properly. He should have communicated more effectively how difficult this is going to be. And it's not like he didn't say this already-- he has....but unfortunately, not in the way that makes for effective news-making. He is fond of saying that everyone is on a 24 hour news-cycle, but he is not. Well, Barry-- it's time ya got on board. You HAVE to. Because now, since you choose to fight the media as opposed to learning how to work WITH it, you have people thinking that you either don't care enough, or you're not doing enough. These days, perception is everything. Doesn't matter what's true or not true...the perception is that you are not doing enough, Mr. President. And that sucks-- I hate seeing jerks like Lynn Cheney on television using her tongue as toilet paper to clean up after her father, and absolutely denouncing what REALLY got us into this mess in the first place.

It's unfortunate that this passive-aggressive beast known as "The Media" can run with a bullsh*t narrative, and thus alter public opinion to buy into incomplete information. Most people are either too lazy or "too busy" to get the full the shortest story will always win. And the shortest story in this case is "President Obama is Not Doing Enough To Stop This Oil Spill." I don't know why everyone thinks that a public temper-tantrum by our president is going to solve anything. So what, he's gonna start yelling and the oil is gonna get scared and slurp back up into the hole? Or Tony Hayworth is gonna to cap the hole with his big, stupid mouth? Or would you rather see Barry H. on the deck of an oil tanker leading a brigade like Washington crossing the Delaware?

I guess if people saw THAT...

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