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Thursday, May 6, 2010

GOP's Oil Conspiracy Theories: Height of Stupidity

Leave it to the right-wingers to take an awful tragedy and turn it into a political football. Not that it's anything new, but the things that some of these people have been saying lately is beyond the pale. It forces one to truly question the validity of their careers, not to mention their good sense.

Their latest talking point is that the tragic oil spills in the gulf-- both the explosion and the capsizing of the two rigs-- were done ON PURPOSE, and the Obama Administration  "delayed" their response in dealing with it so that they could kill the proposed drilling initiative that they themselves introduced weeks earlier. The reasoning? To kill any (Republican) hopes of off-shore drilling, a la "Drill, Baby, Drill".  I know. It sounds utterly stupid. Too stupid for so-called educated professionals to say, either internally or out loud. But here we are.

We have "people" like Rush Limbaugh claiming that the BP rig were blown up by environmental "wackos" to off-set the Cap and Trade bill to be announced on Earth Day. He's just, after all, "noting the timing here". How about the brain trust that is Dana Perino, who doesn't want to "introduce a conspiracy theory"...BUT...questions whether or not sabotage was responsible. How about my favorite one of all-- none other than former FEMA head Michael Brown, of ALL PEOPLE, saying that he believes that the Obama Administration is purposefully slowing down their efforts to clean up the spill to kill any future plans for off-shore drilling.

How can anyone wrap their heads around this? How can ANY educated, thinking person accept these claims as rational? Do these people represent the best and the brightest that the GOP has to offer? In the midst of a horrible tragedy that could be felt for generations, the only thing they can say about it is "Obama did it"?! Are you kidding me?!

Fox News has been fond of saying that these oil spills are "Obama's Katrina." Again, this is purely moronic. As one of the vapid bimbos on Fox and Friends put it-- "Who are you going to blame for Katrina, God?" Yes, I will blame God. I will blame God for producing the DNA of the members of the Bush Administration that SAT ON THEIR ASSES while people were suffering! I mean seriously, when you hear garbage like's just...the surging rage that one can feel just building makes you want to reach through your television or computer screen-- however you're watching these wastes of humanity-- and strangle the life out of them. How about blaming the oil men that ran this country for 8 years and relieved oil companies from taking the precautions that would have prevented these problems?! It's NOW that they want to play this "Well, it was on his watch" game...the same game that they refuse to play when talking about the Bush Administration, particularly when it comes to the 9/11 attacks (I am stunned that numb-nuts Charles Krauthammer is STILL touting that ridiculous "Bush kept us safe" bullshit).

This is unacceptable; emotionally, intellectually, and professionally. I am always shocked that news organizations refuse to do their jobs and call these people out when they make these idiotic claims. I would expect the people on Fox News to say stupid things, but even this...EVEN THIS is beyond irresponsible.  All these people really care about is slander for the purpose of winning elections and keeping their jobs. They are willing to risk ANYTHING to get ahead. They will support any point of view that could help them win political points.

In the end, their only speaking to the "Obama is the devil" choir. NO ONE in their right mind can, or will, believe this garbage.

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