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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I Don't Get It

The headline of this entry is the statement that Tom Hanks makes of his toy company executive rival during a pitch meeting about a building that turns into a robot, from the movie Big (it was on this weekend). And I would like to make the same statement, with the same amount of sincerity, regarding Ann Coulter; I don't get it.

I have listened to her, countless times. I have tried to read through articles and excerpts of books she's written, and I am still kind of baffled. I mean, she could easily clumped into the heaping mound of feces which are these anti-intellectual bimbos and fame-whores that we've come to know of late-- as in the Glenn Becks, and the Sean Hanity's and the Sarah Palins. But THIS woman, I just don't get.

She is much more smug than Beck and Palin could ever be, which makes almost everything that comes out of her mouth sound grating, annoying and out-right stupid. I think she has sexual appeal (ew!) to a great many older conservative men...if you like that kind of thing. I mean, on that level I find Sarah Palin INFINITELY more appealing, but...hey, I'm just one man...and I have a thing for women in glasses, so...there's THAT.

Okay, look-- the reason I bring any of this us is because I just saw the clip of Coulter on Bill O'Reily's show. One of the most annoying things about her is that she never really explains anything without mentioning that people should go out and buy whatever one of her books feels best explains her views-- which makes me wonder why she is incapable of summing up anything that's she's written in person. So, in her latest appearance on Fox, during a conversation about Fasil Shazad (Times Square pseudo-bomber)she claims that Liberals always root for "the savages"-- murderers, criminals, and such.

Video Courtesy of Media Matters

This kind of hyperbole is boring to me, mostly because it makes absolutely no sense. I just don't understand why someone who claims to be intelligent makes these moronic statements just so she can "fluff" the Conservative base. Wait, is that is? Is she nothing more than a Conservative "fluffer", willing to do or say anything that gets the base "off"?

This is the same woman that called John Edwards a "Liberal faggot". Why? This is the same woman that said that the wives of 9/11 victims were reveling in the deaths of their husbands. What is saying something like that supposed to prove? Are we supposed to think that she's "edgy"? She certainly doesn't sound intelligent, so that can't be it. Is it some kind of badge of honor that you can call yourself a "Conservative" by being an asshole? Or saying stupid things that have no basis in fact, other than the fact that it came out of your mouth.

Look, if Liberals were really that bad, would Conservatives need (or want) someone like Ann Coulter? You mean to tell me that they need pseudo-intellectuals like her to pull incredible shit out of her ass to rail against these dangerous and powerful Liberals, and their homo/black-brown/socialist agenda? If these things are clearly true, and Liberals are-- without debate-- detrimental to America...why would we need her to argue that point?

I just don't get it.

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