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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Android on the iPhone

A fellow named David Wang has come up with a way to run the Android operating system on an iPhone, setting up a dual-booting system similar to Boot Camp on Mac desktops, which enable you to install and switch between the Windows operating system and the Mac OS.

He started out with the 2G phone, but has now worked his way up to the 3G. As of now, the only thing not fully functional is the audio. Otherwise, it's the full Android running on an iPhone:

So I guess the question is: Will Apple go for this? Will they turn a blind eye, or try to shut it down? If they manage to accept this...does that mean that Flash will be able to run on an iPhone? Is this the work-around, the 'backdoor' if you will, that people have been waiting for?

I'm not sure if there are killer apps on the Android that iPhone users don't have themselves. I'm not even sure if most people would even want to do this. But I guess it's nice to have options; especially if there's a possibility to run Flash on your iPhone. If you're into that kind of thing...

For an extra-geeky take on what Mr. Wang has accomplished, check out his interview with This Week in Android (around the 23:10 mark):

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