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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Adobe Flash "Platform Evangelist" FAIL

It's been really amazing to see the venom and anger put out by the Flash development community over the Apple "snub". They are going out of their way to prove that Steve Jobs is the anti-Christ, and deserving of ritual sacrifice.

One of my Flash dev buddies sent me a link from The Flash Blog this morning. In it, a video that is "finally" putting to rest one of the most horrendous "lies" that Steve Jobs has told about Flash: that hover, or rollover events DO NOT work on touchscreen devices. To prove that this is not true, this fellow named Lee Brimelo, a "Platform Evangelist at Adobe" posted a video that shows Flash working just fine on a touchscreen. The only problem is that his video is completely and totally disingenuous.

If you watch the video, you see that this guy has a touch-screen monitor hooked up to a desktop machine; a mouse-driven desktop machine. Where ever he touches the screen, a cursor will appear. The hover effects work, because his finger dropped the cursor over the button. Just like my Wacom tablet. iPhones, iPads, iPod Touches, and other MOBILE touch-screen devices do not use cursors. At all. So this guy, this Lee Brimelo fellow, is full of shit. And it's pretty unbelievable, too-- I mean, how the hell could you NOT see that?! How could he post that video knowing FULL WELL that it's a lie? Well, politicians do shit like this everyday, so... Judging by some of the comments he received, and the fact that a friend of mine sent this to me as a way to prove that Steve Jobs is only shows that Flash "Evangelists" are at about the same emotional state as teabaggers.

At the end of the day, who gives a shit?! I've been working with technology long enough to know that you have to diversify your skill set. You may have to learn a program you never realized (or wanted to) deal with. And hey-- Flash is going with Android, and it was just announced that Android has topped the iPhone as the #2 operating system. Look at that new audience, just waiting to be dazzled!


Jeremy said...

Some comments are posted to blog entries to validate the author's viewpoint. This is not one of those comments.

Your input in the conversation over at TheFlashBlog shows a clear lack of understanding. This blog entry of yours is even worse.

I've met Lee Brimelow personally. He's a nice guy. And his job, yes, is to promote the Flash platform rigorously in cases where he's called upon to do so. Wouldn't you agree that Apple probably has similar employees, and that their efforts have probably helped to convince you of the virtues of their technologies?

Apple devices work– or don't– when you go out and test them. When Steve Jobs made statements recently about HTML5's supremacy over the Flash platform, he failed to mention HTML5's current responsiveness on Apple's products. You can pick up an iThing today, browse in Mobile Safari to a rich HTML5 site and slow the device to a crawl. In that sense, Jobs was being disingenuous, as you claim Lee to be.

Right now, Flash 10.1 isn't available on any device. Lee's– and Adobe's– claims regarding Flash 10.1 cannot be proven one way or another by picking up any sort of device. That you immediately distrust them is an indication of where your loyalties lie, and that's fine. But I recommend you keep from spewing garbage about them until you can verify their claims yourself, as I have with my iThing and Jobs's claims about HTML5.

David Arno said...

His name is Lee Brimelow. At least learn to spell his name before launching a verbal assault upon him. It would have made you look less clueless if you had.