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Tuesday, May 11, 2010


In my inbox this morning, I got an email from touting a sale on 3D televisions. We always knew this day would come. 3D TV. It's "finally" here. And you know what? The sets are not as expensive as you would think-- they're about the same price as HDTV sets were about 3 years ago-- maybe a few hundred dollars cheaper (1080p sets, that is). But the TV is not the only thing you need to buy.

You have to buy new cables, a new Blu-Ray player, and special 3D glasses. The glasses alone can run you between $150-$200 EACH PAIR. Yes, you read that right-- EACH PAIR of glasses will be up to $200 bucks. So that's an additional $600 for a family of 4 to watch 3D at home.

Why? Because the technology as it stands requires a receiver in the glasses that picks up an emitter signal from the television that enables the lenses in the glasses to switch on and off in tandem with the switching images transmitted from the television. It does that because 3D films, like Avatar, are actually being projected with TWO projectors, which your cheap theater glasses can easily see. Since you are likely to only have  ONE television in front of you, different technology is required to see the 3D at home. So, you need battery-powered 3D glasses to emulate this experience at home. Sigh.

Look, I was impressed with the 3D in Avatar. And I can see that the studios are rushing to put any and everything in 3D for theatrical release.  And I'm sure some people will be impressed by it. However, I cannot think of a reason why I would want this experience in my home, ESPECIALLY with the price-point they are asking for. Pretty freakin' stupid to me. Maybe if these Hollywood people can come up with GOOD 2D movies, they wouldn't have to come up with stupid gimmicks to make their crap watchable.

Right, Roger?

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