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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Watch AVATAR in 3D...on your iPod/iPhone?!

I discovered this story on Mail Online-- a patent filed by Apple, which has become known as iSpecs, that will enable users to view movies and other applications in 3D using specials lenses embedded in the glasses. The glasses will also be fit with an accelerometer, headphones (of course), and a microphone. And you can see by the diagram, there's even a little spot open for the camera.

Yeah, I'm not sure what I make of this, either. I mean, yeah-- this could potentially be a really cool thing, particularly when it comes to Augmented Reality experiences. And sure, why not watch some 3D movies or television shows as well. Maybe there will be some kind of trigger or interface or API or app that will enable the iPhone to capture 3D video and photos. Maybe those videos and photos can be burned to a disc or watched via Bluetooth to a 3D television or BluRay player. Maybe this will truly usher in a new generation of entertainment and interaction. Manipulating information like Tom Cruise in Minority Report. Or video chat that looks and sounds like that person is actually in front of you!

Hell, maybe there will come a time when you will actually take those glasses off, and see the most realistic 3D you've....always seen. Except there won't be any aliens or restaurant information hovering in front of you.

Now, I'm sure that this will only come in handy in the home, or if you're on a plane or a bus, or even a commuter train maybe-- like Amtrak or Metro North, NOT the subway! Aw man, I KNOW some loser will try to use this thing on the subway. If you see ANYONE using this thing on the subway, you have my permission to mug them...'cause they'll deserve it.

Definitely interesting. This is a "wait-and-see" kinda thing, so...let us speculate away, then get disappointed when they finally release it. I'm guessing next year.

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