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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Teabagger Racism: Myth or Reality?

Teabagger Racism: Myth or Reality? | Photo 02

I feel as if I have been writing a lot about race lately. I'd actually rather be writing more about movies and music and other fun things, but there has been quite a lot of racist-crap being strewn about over the last...well, over the last 2 years in the country. Things have been building to a bit a fever pitch over the last few weeks, and one of the questions that has been posited by members of the media: Are Tea Party Protesters Racist?

Yes they are. You know why? Because racists, much like the Neo-Conservatives and the Evangelicals did with the Republican Party, have co-opted this movement from the bottom up. They are bottom-feeders, essentially-- clinging onto this movement and making the most noise they can, and flooding out those who may very well have legitimate concerns about American politics. It doesn't matter that "not all Tea Party members" are racists. No one in the movement is doing anything to quell or simply get rid of the conspiracy nuts, the emotionally stunted, or intellectually challenged. Add to that, there is a "safety zone" when expressing racist views and surrounding yourself with a bunch of people that look just like you; especially when those people are too spineless or self-centered or naive to do something about it. Hence...teabaggers are racists.

But don't take my word for it. The Southern Poverty Law Center cites the Tea Party movement as the key cause to strengthening the white supremacy movement in America. This goes hand in hand with the rise in militia groups, and even the proclamation of April as "Confederate History Month". These are predominately White males who feel as if the nation is escaping them-- the rise in Afrocentrism, sexism, gayism, and anti-stupidism is so frightening to them, that they feel as if they need to make a greater push to "get back" what they believe they have lost. Seems as if they only thing lost here is sanity.

Yes, Obama did it. Actually, it's not Obama-- it's the people that voted for him. That 60% of voters in the country that has long gotten over silly racial issues. Then there's that 40%. It's probably safe to say that not everyone in that 40% is a toothless, barefoot racist. I'd say it's about maybe half; that's just an estimate. I'm not counting those that didn't vote at all. Whatever the number, I think it's rather shocking to many White folks-- not racists, but regular, normal folks who haven't a racist bone in their body, who hate being clumped in with their ignorant brethren.

Many of these 'baggers believe that Obama is giving us-- and by "us" I mean Black folks-- special treatment, particularly when it comes to health care, and cutting our taxes. Wow, who'd have thought that being Black offered such great perks! No more taxes! Well, wait...then maybe I didn't get the right form, because my taxes are generally high. As for my tax return, I just got what 95% of Americans got. Where's my special "Black Tax"? No one talks about any of this stuff at the "meetings"!

Sarah Palin has even come to the defense of the 'baggers, telling them not to worry about what the "lamestream" media is saying about them-- all that talk of racism and vandalism, it's just crazy! Coming from one of the queens of crazy herself, that is.

Look at Google images, go on YouTube, check ANY news site (except Fox News, of course), and you will see it all on display. These people are proud of who they are, what they represent, and what they believe. After giving it some thought, I don't feel bad about clumping all the 'baggers together in one, big, amorphous bigoted ball. There's always one or two of you that comes out and says "I'm not a racist!!! Anyone who doesn't like Obama is always called a racist!!!" Well, no...only the ones that hold up signs that say things like  "Go Back To Kenya". That's the kind of thing that you can, and will, ONLY find at a Tea Party Rally. And it looks as if you don't care-- as long as people show up. So be it.


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