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Monday, April 5, 2010

Tanning Bed Tax is Anti-White Reverse Racism

You know, I've heard and read a lot of silly, stupid things in my 38 years of life on this planet called Earth...but I gotta tell ya, dear friends, THIS one is pure, unadulterated stupid. This is inbred-stupid.

Right wing jackass Doc Thompson, while filling in for Glenn Beck (shock) on his radio program, stated that the tax introduced by the new Health Care bill is racist towards White people. I am not making that up-- someone actually said that...and apparently meant it.

Now, I know some of you may be thinking "Who the hell is Doc Thompson?" According to his bio, found on the website of WRVA News Radio 1140, he is a 5-time Marconi Award winner, who has been fired from many radio stations (that's what's written there), and "dabbles in many styles with sarcasm and satire always present."

So, since the words "sarcasm and satire" are written in his bio, I guess we're supposed to say "Oh, well, see that? He's not SERIOUSLY saying that Obama has signed a bill with anti-White overtones-- it's sarcasm! It's satire! And did you actually listen to the audio? He's CLEARLY kidding!" Clearly. That's how Conservatives would defend comments like this. They would defend it as satire a la Sarah Palin/Rush Limbaugh...or support it as some kind of ambiguous truth. In his own defense, Thompson wrote the following on his blog:

The Tanning Tax! Wednesday 03-31-2010 8:48am ET The media world and internet was abuzz with my comments on Glenn Beck and it illustrates Liberal hypocrisy beautifully! - There are two main reasons my commentary on the tanning tax was so effective at stirring up the Liberals...

First the way I positioned it… “I know the pain of racism!” Liberals like to segregate for political gain and have promoted the idea that minorities have an exclusive on being the victim of discrimination.

It was also affective because… there is an element of truth to it. There is a double standard and I pointed it out with the very law they, at least partially, claimed was about leveling the racial playing field.

During all this they, of course, missed the bigger point. The satire on CLAIMS of racism… Like those leveled against the “Kill the Bill” rally.

But hey I was Ed Shultz’s (on MSNBC) “Psycho talk…” so 4 more people know who I am!

See? It's satire! 'cause everyone knows that racism in America is a Liberal myth, created to make so-called minorities the victim so they can get all the advantages of laws tailor-made for them! Affirmative Action, Civil Rights Legislation, Hate Crimes laws-- ALL created to put a select group of people on a pedestal, while slighting White folks...who are now feeling the brunt and pressures of discrimination in American society. And other loads of crap that these people love to believe.

When it comes to racial politics, no one has it over the Conservatives. The propagation of this fear of "the other", which  has fueled their discourse over the last several years, is really the only racial politicking going on here. It's the Southern Strategy-- it's Willie Horton. Now, it's true that there are some Liberals that will shout "racism" at the drop of a hat-- as unfortunate as that is, but it's true. But when Conservatives try to suggest that there is ABSOLUTELY NO RACISM on their side of things...well, that's just plain stupid and wrong. They are CLEARLY using it, as covertly as possible, to egg on Whites that feel as if their "country is changing", or that they're "losing America", or want things to return to what they "used to be".

Both sides of things are guilty of using race and prejudice to gain political points. Personally, I find it difficult to believe those that claim that these things do not exist, or they ONLY exist on the other side. Like the teabaggers, that always seem to be blind to all the racist sentiment that seems to follow their rallies and rhetoric. No one seems to want to acknowledge what is CLEARLY being said and discussed among certain people.

There is a segment of White America that is racist. Period. No one can suggest that hundreds of years of social conditioning in this country is just going to evaporate overnight. This is a country where, less than 200 years ago, the top form of entertainment was minstrel shows-- it was the American Idol of its day. This is a country where there were products sold, such as Nigger Hair tobacco, and Darkie toothpaste, and Sambo motor oil, among hundreds of other things; ALL popular brands. This country has moved on from those things, but that sentiment still exists-- it's the legacy that Whites want to ignore, and have tried desperately to hide or bury. These attitudes have been ingrained in our national consciousness, and are still expressed to this day. And I think it goes without saying that NOT ALL WHITES think this way...but to say that NONE OF THEM do...? No one says that the teabaggers are ALL racists...but it seems like a hell-of-a lot of them show up at the rallies. And when that fact is not acknowledged, well...why else would people stereotype teabaggers as racists? They're doing nothing to quell the perception.

It's funny how the complaint of a tax, supposedly a racist attack against White folks...who are looking to make themselves being used as an example of discrimination. Health concerns be damned, after all. Isn't it the Whites themselves with the inferiority complex, who get easily frustrated with their lack of pigmentation because they feel it makes them look sickly? It seems as if the racial whining can be heard from every hue.

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