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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New C-Notes!

Wow, this kinda has a double meaning. Yes, I have been doing some retoolin' here and there on the blog. You see the fancy new look. I put up that headline pic a month or two ago. And I've added "comedy" as a tag-- junk like that. But also, the Federal Reserved unveiled a new $100 bill. However, you Rockefellers out won't see them in wild until next February.

These new bills are equipped with new anti-counterfitting technology, including new 3D security ribbons (Jesus, why is every goddamn thing in 3D these days?!). And did you ever notice that our money is looking more and more like currency you see in futuristic films?

Yes, I actually saw The Adventures of Pluto Nash. And if you haven't seen Idiocracy, shame on you; it's one of the best documentaries about America EVER.

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