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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Jon Stewart Preaches WITH a Choir

Ya gotta love that Johnny "Beef Stew"...!

Bernie Goldberg appeared on the O'Reilly Factor to answer to Mr. Stewart telling Fox News (and Goldberg himself, for the second time in a few months) to go fuck themselves. Well, the ever-douchey Goldberg wasn't about to let this "funny man" drop his "f-bombs" and get away with something like that! So predictably enough, O'Reilly gave Goldberg a platform to spew a prepared monologue to get back at Stewart for calling him out-- first owning the fact that he does, in fact, tend to generalize Dems and Liberals.

You see, many on the right-- in an attempt to kiss up to the teabaggers of the Tea Party Movement-- have been struck with amnesia. They are condemning criticism of the movement's motives, both perceived and implied, while at the same time completely ignoring the fact that most of them have made a living from lambasting others that do not see things the "Right" way. So Stewart called them out for it, like he always does; and Fox HATES this. So Goldberg, who has said some of the dumbest things a so-called educated person could say, "fires back". After owning his tendency to make idiotic statements (my words, not his), he then goes about trashing Stewart for his lack of edginess and relevance in the area of social commentary. And, as many Daily Show fans know...that's all Mr. Stewart (and his writers) needed to hear:

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