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Monday, March 22, 2010

teabaggers = Monkeys Throwing "niggers" and "faggots".

teabaggers = Monkeys Throwing "niggers" and "fagots".

I have to be honest. I sat down here wanting to write another mouthy screed about the Tea Part Movement. After I read an article or two about Saturday's Tea Party protest on House Democrats in Congress, I immediately thought of that title; first thing that popped into my head. It made me laugh, I thought it was clever, and stuff...and I jumped up, sat down at the machine, and wrote several sentences...then deleted...wrote a few words...deleted...and so on. So...I dunno what to say. It's an easy story to use to insult these people, to call them names, make snarky comments about their intelligence and all that good stuff that's fun to say and write. The more I think about it, I guess it kind of makes sense that people like this exist. And they shouldn't be condemned for that. But when you start literally spitting at, and shouting out "nigger" and "faggot" at Congressmen, you have lost the war. Not the battle, not "the fight", but the WHOLE DAMN WAR. Why kick a dying animal when it's down?

Here's something that Noam Chomsky said about this movement:

"The reaction we should be having to them is not ridicule, but self-criticism. We are the ones that ought to be organizing them, not Rush Limbaugh. There are historical analogs, which are not exact, of course, but are close enough to be worrisome. This is a whiff of early Nazi Germany. Hitler was appealing to groups with similar grievances and giving them crazy answers, but at least they were answers: that is, they blame the Jews and the Bolsheviks. They were the problem."
I always felt that it was kind of ironic that some of these people have taken to comparing Obama to Hitler, when it is they who are in fact more representative of the mental state of millions of Germans involved in the birth of the Nazi Party. They are a people fueled by aggravation and needing a rationalization to project their anger. They have people like Rush, and Glenn Beck, and "The Michel(l)e's" (Malkin and Bachman), and Tom Tancredo, and Sarah Palin giving them some "crazy answers." Of course, this is different. In Germany they had signs that said "Achtung Juden". And this time, it's "nigger" and "faggot". Totally different.

I know that there are plenty of teabaggers that would claim that they are not racists, and that this is just a fringe element to the party. But these things pop up at every rally-- EVERY SINGLE ONE. How can people who were furious at Obama for his association with Reverend Wright not condemn people like this? And look-- I don't care that they are racists; if you want to be stupid, that's your problem. But you cannot expect to be taken seriously.

All this idiocy, immaturity, ignorance...all of this to fight against Health Care Reform. Well, it's Health Care Reform'll be Finance Reform later...then Education Reform...any kind of reform to these people is dangerous because it represents the kind of change that they don't like...the change that may make level out the playing field:

"These people think, "I've done everything right all my life, I'm a god-fearing Christian, I'm white, I'm male, I've worked hard, and I carry a gun. I do everything I'm supposed to do. And I'm getting shafted." And, in fact, they are getting shafted. For 30 years their wages have stagnated or declined, the social conditions have worsened, the children are going crazy, there are no schools, there's nothing, so somebody must be doing something to them, and they want to know who it is. Rush Limbaugh has answered: it's the rich liberals who own the banks and run the government and run the media. They don't care about you. They just want to give everything away to illegal immigrants and gays and communists and so on."-- Noam Chomsky

America is always changing. That's what it does. And for reasons that we all know, and many of us refuse to accept, change is inevitable. We have evolved a great deal over the years, and we will continue to do so. And like with many strong social changes that have taken place, they are all met with anger, and animosity, from people who think the world will explode with change. To believe that, is to not believe in America. It is to doubt who we are and what we represent. To not believe that we are capable of smarter, better things is to be trapped in a mindset that is truly antithetical to freedom and liberty. You are either a part of this society, or you are not. You will evolve, or you will get left behind. That's the way nature works.

I just do not think, unfortunately, that the teabaggers really represent an America that I am familar with. The only thing that I can assertain from their protests is that they don't like the Black Muslim President. And taxes-- they hate taxes, and the Black President. And Health Care Reform. I thin this story gets a lot of coverage because it's so hateful, and foolish. And maybe it's because I live in New York, but I am yet to meet a person that would want to affiliate themselves with the teabaggers. This party represents a section of the nation that...well, just hates. They hate so much that when they're painted in a corner, when they are intellectually defeated, they resort to the only thing they know...shouting slurs at congressmen, and the handicapped...

These are the kind of people you want running the country?

UPDATE: Here are a series of interviews of the teabagger protest from New Left Media:

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