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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Puppetry of the Penis

I've known about this show for a few years now, but have absolutely know desire to see it. I'm sure it may be clever and fun for some, but for me...watching two guys literally play with their penises on stage does nothing for me. Well, it does one thing for makes me not want to see this show.

But I can't, or shouldn't, talk a lot of smack about something that I know nothing about. And until I saw the following clip, I never really had an understanding of how the show would work. I mean, it just can't be a couple of guys jerking and smacking themselves around on stage...can it?

Well, I guess it can. They even have a DVD. And a book.  I mean, all guys have "experimented" with the ultimate balloon animal, but that's almost always done (usually) in private, or with one or three friends. I dunno, seeing a guy's junk is one thing. Seeing men do funny things with their junk is not necessarily something that I want to see on video. But none of that trumps the sheer and absolute lack of desire or interest that I have in NOT seeing this show live. No offense, boys...but no thanks.

Everyone else, enjoy!

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