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Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Playstation Move Is Here...Anyone?

I remember back in 2006 when the Wii came out, and most people talked about how Nintendo is releasing nothing more than a gimmick machine that would never sell, and that people would instantly become bored with. Sure, motion control could be interesting, but the argument was that people don't want to stand up and play games, or have to move around a lot to play games-- and that hardcore gamers would never go for it. It was widely mocked and ridiculed by industry insiders as a joke. Upon the Wii's release, it sold out so quickly that they couldn't keep them on the shelves. It took some people up to a year to get one, unless you were willing to pay two or three times its cost.

Flash forward to 2008, with both Microsoft and Sony being totally outsold by the Wii...introduce motion controllers. Microsoft presented Project Natal (released later this year), which uses a Z-Axis camera to record the player in their own environment, using your own body as the controller (promising...). And Sony introduced a motion wand similar to that of the Wii-mote. Both technologies were introduced, but not ready. They also promised true 1:1 feedback from the player, and none of that phoney waggle stuff that the Wii games use. However, that year also saw the release of the Wii Motion add on that provides true 1:1 feedback for Wii games...and consumers could have it now, and not have to wait two years for it.

And now, two years later, Sony has just released the specs for what they are calling Playstation Move.

As you can see, it's almost exactly like the Wii...with prettier graphics. The games and game play look to be pretty identical to an experience that many gamers have had for years...except, again, that the Playstation 3 has prettier graphics. But so what? The biggest problem with most video games today is that production value seems to always trump gameplay. I still play Pac-Man and Donkey Kong and Defender and Asteroid, not because the graphics are so amazing...but because they are fun games, and have been fun for damn near 3 decades! And with the same graphics they had when they were introduced (8-bit baby!).

So Sony can release anything they want, and show all the cool videos they want...but is it fun to play? Are the games going to be fun? Will this be worth my time and/or money? I have to say that this may be the first generation of Playstation that I pass up. I had the first two...and currently have a Wii...but if I get another system, it will be the XBox360 with Natal.

Otherwise, I already have a Wii-mote and a BluRay player-- why would I want another one?

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