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Thursday, March 11, 2010

OnLive Gaming Service: Or, The Death of Console Gaming?

I first heard about this service a couple of years ago. Industry insiders speculated at the time that the OnLive gaming service could very well be the end of console gaming as we know it.

The requirements are simple-- you either need a PC or a Mac, and a broadband connection (with an HD adapter coming later in the year). There is apparently nothing to download-- you play the games straight through your browser. The thing is that you're playing the game, but not's visuals are transmitted as streaming video, so you don't need any kind of crazy hardware to process the best graphics. You controller simply transmits your moves, and the video is sent back to you instantly! No need to replace a console every few years-- the processing power all depends on the server that's streaming the game!

On top of all of that, you can also play games from your iPhone (Wow!). I must say, this is pretty slick...! Once again this proves that software is king-- and truly in this case! It's like the old days back in the 80s-- most people had no clue what chips or what hardware makers were producing the arcade cabinets and their technology...all they cared about was how good the games were! And with this technology, you don't have to worry about what system your friends you can use whatever computer, or TV, or iPhone you want!

Check out their blog for updates and info.  I know I said before that I was interested in getting an Xbox 360 with Natal...but I may take more than a fancy controller to get my interest...

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