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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Legalizing It: It's Happening Now

It's the stuff of fantasy from college dorms and bachelors apartments all across the land: "Yo, man-- you know their gonna legalize pot, man-- why wouldn't they! They'd be stupid not to-- it's so stupid that it's illegal, man!" Well, roll up my good man...'cause your little masturbatory dream is becoming a reality.

Over the last two years, states all over the country have been loosening marijuana laws-- some lifting bans on the medicinal side, and many others looking to decriminalize it altogether. It may be due to the economy, or just due to the change in social norms, but many lawmakers are now looking to rethink how our nation treats pot and pot smokers. (wow, I just said "pot" and "treats" in the same sentence...I'm hungry...!)

So, it looks like legalization may actually happen. Great, for someone who doesn't smoke weed that much anymore (damn it...). But it really is about time. I mean, aside from all the fun of the high, it will give great opportunities for more production and experimentation of the use of hemp in production of most or all of the things that we normally produce with cotton or oil. It will also provide a nice hefty revenue stream. Tax the hell out of it-- and people will still buy it. And with regulation, you can be assured to get the best stuff, without having to take your chances with inconsistent "suppliers". That was another thing of talk amongst the stoners-- "You know Phillip Morris has already got designs for their joints, man...they're just waitin' for the go-ahead!" Print Magazine actually has an interesting piece on marijuana packaging designs.

So, there ya go. People said it would never happen. Now, it is.

Smoke 'em if you got 'em.  And if you don't got, you will soon.

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