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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Jesse James Enters "Sex Camp for Men"

Well, it's not really a sex's just my smart-assed way of referring to the sex rehab that all the celebrity men enter when they've been caught cheating.

Here we are again-- another one of these stupid men thinking that spending tens of thousands of dollars for some sex clinic is going to "cure them" of their proclivities. It's the "get out of jail free" card for adulterous men. It's like those "re-education" camps that closeted gay men go to when they've "sinned". All that money to quell urges that...well, they're not urges-- they're natural feelings!

Men like this are pathetic. They're emotionally skewed and completely uncomfortable with who they are. They may think that they will not be accepted by their families or society-at-large if they are true to themselves. This Jesse James guy is not made for monogamy, period. Tiger Woods is not made for monogamy, either. And that's okay! There is nothing wrong with loving (many) women-- as long as you're HONEST! Hey look, most women may not go for the "plural" thing...but some will-- ESPECIALLY when there's lots and lots of money and/or fame attached to it. Guys like Jesse and Tiger have to seek those women out, so they won't have to worry about lying and hiding. Think about all the embarrassment spared, and money saved on therapy and bribes IF they were just honest with themselves!

This guy was sleeping with four women. Granted, those are not the numbers that Woods was working with, but still...Elin didn't win an Oscar. To have to embarrass their wives, their families, and even the mistresses like that really worth it? I think about that-- all the sex that these guys were getting from these women...they'd have to have attained the mightiest of orgasms to justify putting themselves and others through this crap. And I'm sure we've all had some pretty good "O's"...were they that good? I think not.

So, there you go Jesse James. Your love of strippers, porn stars, and Nazi whores have needlessly ruined your life. If it weren't for your misguided notions of relationships and marriage, you would have led a reasonably enjoyable life having foursomes, and having your hog polished by tattooed bimbos.

It's funny how these guys would LOVE to live like Hugh Hefner. Maybe they should just start magazines. You know, many print publications are migrating to the iPad-- they could make millions, AND get laid whenever, and by whomever, they'd like! Be practical, for goodness sake!

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