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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It's Official...We Are Now Socialist-Communist-Marxists!

Just moments ago, President Barry signed into law, Health Care Reform.

No, this Bill is not every single thing that many people wanted...yet. There is even some talk about the Senate possibly adding a Public Option to their final revision.  There will be several amendments made to really shape the Bill into something that provide real help for the people that really need it:

1) No more pre-existing conditions
2) Young adults covered under parents plan (I remember when it wasn't)
3) Tax breaks to small businesses
4) NO recissions
5) Tax on tanning beds (for the dumb-asses that use them)
6) Preventative care coverage
7) Investment in new treatments and therapies

...among other things.

How could anyone fault legislation that takes care of these problems? What is the alternative? Do you really feel as if your rights have been challenged because health insurance is a auto insurance? That's what I don't understand-- people who bitch about a health insurance mandate, but don't mind the car insurance mandate.

It's a great day in this nation's history. And a lot of you may not see it now...and may never see it-- who knows...but chances are that if you don't see it, it's worked. But no one will know any time soon.

Stay healthy!'s candidate Obama in 2007, almost a year ago to date of the Bill signing:

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