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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Asian Chicks in Night Gowns are Scary

See, now, there's no reason for this-- it just so...wrong(!). Asian girls should know better than to stand in a lonely hallway, wearing a plain white night gown, waiting for unsuspecting people to walk through so you can scare them out of their minds. And this girl knows it, too-- just giggling her ass off as her scared victims stumble by. Just awful. Funny as hell, but awful...!

If you've ever seen Ringu, or Dark Water, or The Eye, (or the bad American remakes), or you're familiar with the latest in freaky imagery. Well, it's not the "latest", but it is an image that has apparently left a scar on many people: Stoic, pale, nappy-headed Asian girls wearing night gowns or school girl uniforms, or whatever they happened to be wearing when they were killed...standing around...staring...or the two little girls in The Shining.  A friend of mine told me that there's some chick in the subways of Brooklyn (Williamsburg) doing the same thing. I wonder if she's been assaulted like the woman in this video was.

Violence against women is wrong...but she DID scare the sh*t out of this man.

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